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LFC EU Semi competitive

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Hi there, I'm a pretty new returning player looking for an EU clan

What I'm looking for:

- 18+

- English comms

- Use of a voice chat (like discord)

- Mature and friendly people
- Clan battles and divisions

What I offer:

Returning player with almost 1k battles (I know that's on the low end) 52% solo winrate that's willing to improve.
So far I've only got the Yamato for TX but working on la republique and at some point in the future the Kremlin. I have enough coal to purchase a TX next month.


I'm mainly a BB player but like to delve into cruisers and dds to become a better player.

Contact: Either ingame or via discord (Cronicks#0084)

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Have a look at us, we are looking for additional  players. I think you will find most of our players active if you look.    

We are an EU clan, using English, we have members from many countries..


The discord link may be out of date.



We are mainly looking for regular players interested in clan battles etc but NOT totally obsessed by stats.


The usual the usual clan rubbish below.


Good Luck!





We at PWN3D are looking for new clan members for clan battles we are a fairly new clan, looking for fun rather than an obsession about the game. 


Stats : https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500190988,PWN3D-Total-PW-Nage/

Discord: this code  4Z8wg2J .  <--



Recruitment thread : 


Hope you find a good clan


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