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Missing Captain Skills and More Modules...

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The more I play the new Captain skills, the more I notice that specific ships really, really miss some of the old abilities. And it's not just about needing more skill points, either. So would there be any popular support for asking WG to add some of these old skills as special Equipment options / modules, either to specific ships or for Coal in the Armory?


For example...


Yudachi could really do with the old TA skill (+5 knots speed, -20% range) just to prevent her torpedoes being a hazard to shipping. 

Flint could do with the old AFT skill as her current range is inadequate

Destroyers could really do with BFT! 

(add further suggestions if you have them.....)


Some of the new Captain skill options would also be better off being made available as Modules for specific slots, which would make them level gated and have baked in trade-offs, such as...


Deadeye - Move to Slot 5 or 6 so that it's only available on Tier VIII BBs and upwards, and has a built in trade of preventing the ship equipping the Concealment, or MBM3 RoF boosting mods.

Would also not stack on top of USN ARPM2 mods which already improve dispersion.


Heavy HE/SAP and Heavy AP - Make these specific mods for appropriate ships. See also Enhanced Torpedo Charge.

Overall we could definitely do with fewer specifics and the return of JOAT style general buffs.

I mean has anyone at WG looked at the Cruiser skills tree while playing an RN CL, or worse, Mysore? It looks like a losing game of noughts and crosses....





Any other ideas....? 

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48 minutes ago, invicta2012 said:

I mean has anyone at WG looked at the Cruiser skills tree while playing an RN CL


As if they are playing Cruisers



Only BBs and CVs! You know, the good stuff :etc_red_button:


F.e. why is heavy AP shells only for >190mm caliber guns? Because CLs spamming AP would somehow be horrible? Because RN CLs could use it? Doesnt make sense from either side... So you basicly have 2 options for them: Take AA skills - or not. And not taking them means, you can almost take everything else, because Outnumbered and TGG are just stupid to take.

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