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Chat Server Problems

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I already made that Topic Last Time. But then Reconnected and it Worked.

Now after Playing this Evening. I actually Noticed.

It doesnt Fix it. Rather its the only Time the Chat Server Works.


Effectively. I Connect to the Game. And all is Fine.

But then after I play a Battle. My Chat Server just never Connects again.

I have to Restart the whole Game to get back the Chat Server.


Funny enough. The Connection doesnt seem Severed. In Division others will still see me being Ready etc.

But I cannot Chat. And I cannot see if others are Ready.



Anyone else got this Problem ?

There some Simple Fast Fix I can do for this ?

Or do I have to go to Support because its something Special that nobody can tell me an Fast Solution to ?

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Yes we have same problem. Already made a ticket and the answer was 🥴 the internet  conection.....when we have the best internet in  Europe .first to some players disapear chat for 30 sec with that chat unavailable but dont wory they worckin on it .the game is in beta now they improve the sound of sikishima that was the bigest problem in that update to increase the sound of one ship. Now when you play dd you will hear the guns from 12km loud and clear becuse you play dd and you must be scared by sikishima 🤮🤮.

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From what i see on USA forums its a general "surprise surprise" bug on the side of the game



They will fix it ...

some time
when their programmer stops getting drunk
or when they get a proper manager

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