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Whos idea was this

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20 hours ago, PaP_Mentoles said:

Actually it's bad wording (how strange for WG)

Incapacitations and Destroyed can be added. No need to score 12 incapacitations or 12 kills. Can be 6+6, or any combination resulting 12 (or more).



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Take Thunderer, shoot at couple of DDs and cruisers.

Job done.



It's not bad wording. That the sum needs to be 12 is the only way to read that. Otherwise it'd be "12 incapacitations or 12 kills". 


Overall it seems perfectly fair -- it's hard but possible, and it doesn't need to be done anyway: it's merely a way to sidestep the longer grind of 40  incapacitations or kills over ANY number of games.

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I think WG has always had some crazy missions in the game.


Back when I was playing random battles there were periods when lots of BBs just yolo'd in (more than usual) - sure enough there was a mission going where it was to spot 'n' enemies in a BB.

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I haven't really paid attention to how many Incapacitations I get in a game. But after I noticed mission yesterday I started to pay attention. I had a game in the Oktyabrskaja where I spammed HE and got 10 incapacitations.


You get a lot when you use high-caliber HE against destroyers and cruisers. If you play CV's, American and British likely could also do it. So a total of 12 doesn't seem undoable, but it might require a specific kind of ship and maybe intentionally going for it.


Since it's the mission to fast-track the progress I can't see a problem here?

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Shot HE at DDs and cruisers with lots of torps (Hipper, Neptune, Mino...)

Also, the occasional Tirpitz or Pommern.

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On 1/26/2021 at 6:24 PM, HmS_Grimm said:

Who's braindead idea was this mission WG?? :Smile_facepalm:

It's nearly impossible to get 12 incapacitations in a single game yet alone 12 kills. I know you can do other half of the mission, but yeeez does anyone eaven look before you release mission parameters?

Brez naslova.png



The Second Missions does not Count Kills. If it did. It would actually be Easier. Because effectively a Single Kraken Game with 5 Kills would mean you only need 7 Incapacitations in that. Game. Which is not all that Rare when you Killed 5 Enemies.



The Mission is Supposed to be Difficult. The Easiest way to get Incapacitations is to Hit Destroyers with BB HE Shells. As you will almost always Disable something.

Next best thing is BB HE at Cruisers.


Now. I do dislike such Missions. Because it Incentivises Players to basicly Spam HE at Targets where they should use AP.

But its not really Impossible.

Just pretty Difficult. Which is the Intention.



Yes. They do look at them. Otherwise some of these Missions wouldnt be Possible.

Thing is. You seem to Think that they Design the Missions to be easiely Achievable in Succession.

But they are actually Designing them on Purpose in a way which makes it very Hard to do them Rapid Succession.


They are Designing the Missions and Check them. To make sure that you need a Number of Battles for each Mission.

After all. They want the Average Player to effectively Need about 3-5 Days for one Set of Missions.

Good Players can usually Finish a Batch in 1 Day without any Trouble. Which WG actually doesnt want to Happen.

But they cant make the Missions Super Hard either. Cause then the Average Players would be Hit by it and Fall behind.


Hence they are Working Hard to make Missions whose Conditions can be Met Fairly Easily each Battle. But can only be Met a Limited Number of Times each Battle so you need a Certain Number of Battles.

In this case for Example.

Incapacitations and Kills.

Incapacitations are mostly only done against Light Ships. Which are Limited in Battle. And Kills are also always Limited and Competet for.

Meaning. Even Good Players will need a few Battles to Achieve this.


Of course. The Good Players are then again Annoyed at that. And want to have Shortcuts.

So WG said. Alright. We will give you a Shortcut. But you have to Earn it by doing something really Difficult :)



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You could also try CVs with HE Rockets. Destroyed AA Modules should count too, right? 

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