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Some skills needs a change.. also some ideas on replacements

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So Commander rework, Rework nobody asked for but we still got.. Because of money probably. I'm doing this despite the fact it will not change anything.


Ahem anyways thats not the point, It's that WG encouraged backline snipping and long range HE spam even more and nerfed brawling with addition of some skills like Dead Eye, Heavy HE shells and top grade gunner( Problem is not about this two skill, it's about how well they go with each other.) Right now there's no variety(despite intention was add variety) , everyone i see using back line HE spam builds maybe couple of people tries to make brawling work but really it's impossible with amount of Thunderer, Conqueror, Hindenburg and Henri in matches. Oh also Yoshino is bit dumb too.


First problem is Dead eye, It's free buff to accuracy only thing you need to do is that there's no one should be spotted in your detection range. Many people by that reason sit far back to activate it and it ends up being very passive overall.


Second problem is Top Grade gunner on cruisers, You get reload buff when spotted and there's also HE skill that incease your detection, so without getting into danger you get free reload buff, that's why we see many Hindenburg and Henri playing from 20 km now because they get free reload with 17+ km concealment, i tried that build with Yoshino and i got BB HE damage and 14-15 seconds reload and it felt really powerfull.


So these skills are the ones need a fix, now to my replacement ideas;


I don't know what to name it but name i thinked is "focusing" what it does is it works similar to AR but it gives accuracy to your armaments. It's replacement for Dead eye.


Enhances ship parameters for each 1% HP lost

Maximum dispersion of main battery -0.2%

Maximum dispersion of secondary battery -0.2%

Hit probability of AA +0.2%

Torpedo speed +0.2%


What focusing does is reward player for tanking with pin point accuracy, so for example in Yamato you support your team in A and take damage you will gain accuracy on main guns, on GK for example you will gain secondary accuracy and main gun accuracy that will benefit you on your brawls.


So second one is actually for Outnumbered skill, this outnumbered skill is currently useless asf, it needs you to be out of position. Skill replaces her is Close quarters expert, CVs also has similar secondary skill.

Close quarters expert(cruisers)

Secondary battery range +20%

Maximum dispersion of secondary shells -60%


This is same buffs that manual secondaries and AFT give previously. But there will be need of buffs and nerfs on some ships because ships like Roon, Siegfried and Agir can get 12 km secondaries with this skill but have lower concealment range.



Change concealment of listed ships:

Hipper : 14.2 to 14.5 km( secondary range wit skill is 11.5, max concealment ends up 11.6)

Roon: 14.4 to 15.2 km(secondary range with skill is 12 km, max concealment ends up 12.1)

Ägir and Siegfried: 15.1 to 15.5 km(secondary range with skill is 12 km, max concealment ends up 12.4)

Charles Martel: 13.7 to 14.5 km( secondary range with skill is 11.5, max concealment ends up 11.6)

Saint Louis:14.9 to 15.2 km(secondary range with skills is 12 km, max concealment ends up 12.1)

Baltimore: 12.6 to 12.8 km(secondary range is 10 km, max concealment ends up 10)

Des Moines: 13.9 to 14.1 km(secondary range is 11 km, max concealment ends up 11)


Buffalo has enough concealment(secondary range with skill is 10.5 km, max concealment ends up 10.6)

Henri IV already has bad concealment(secondary range with skill is 12.5 km, max concealment ends up 13.1)

Hindenburg has enough concealment(secondary range with skill is 12.5 km, max concealment ends up 12.6)


Change secondary range of listed ships(this is for not changing playstyle of certain ships while still giving them the secondaries): 

American light cruisers,British cruisers,Japanese cruisers:

T8 USA,RN and IJN: 5.8 km(maximum 9 km secondaries)

T9 USA,RN and IJN: 6.3 km (maximum 9.5 km secondaries)

T10 Zao, Goliath: 6.7 km (maximum 9.9 km secondaries, Zao concealment is 9.9 km)


Russian and Italian cruisers keeps their secondary and concealment


Little buff

Okie this is my dumb idea that's not needed

Yoshino,Azuma: Secondary range increase from 7.3 km to 7.7 km(With skill you can get 11.6 km secondaries and with full concealment is 11.9 km i thought it can be interesting)


Finally all secondaries are done, now to Top grade gunner, it's actually just small change on it that it will be active when someone is inside your secondary range. Thus 20 km annoying HE spam will stop.

Top Grade gunner

When someone is detected in your secondary range your ship's performance gets improved:

Secondary battery reload time - 10%

Main battery reload time - 8%



These are all, feel free to drop your own replacements aswell-

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