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Dasha Perova and other commanders in English.

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I bought the commander Dasha Perova and discover to my surprise, after being in contact with your support team, that I must accept  listening to her in Russian because there’s no option of the default language English. Now other than the fact that I paid money for a product that was misleading (Not Being informed that the language is other than the rest of the game.) It is very annoying that I don’t know if it’s a destroyer or a battleship that’s been discovered when the commander  speaks.


Can you please make the option of turning on English, German or any other supported languages for the commander.


Seriously I can’t see  that it can be that difficult to fix when every other commander speaks English. 

And by the way, the same thing goes for the new Santa Claus commanders. 

Hoping you will fix this issue as soon as possible cause it’s quite annoying.


kindest regards


Andreas from Denmark

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