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Adding some Tweaks and Checks to Teamdamage Detection.

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I already know there will be the Typical Bunch of People just Crying and Flaming at me Right Away that any kind of Teamdamage no Matter the Circumstances is the Fault of the one Dealing it.

And Let me Tell you guys. Nope. You are Wrong. End of Story. So how about you just go take a Walk somewhere and leave this Topic to People actually wanting to Discuss Improvements to the Game. :)

Thanks in Advance.



Ok. Disclaimer out of the Way.


The Automatic System for Team Damage is unfortunately not exactly Airtight in its Judgement. And in alot of Cases. And will Hand out Warnings and Pink Status Shaming to People that Didnt Deserve it.

While actually not doing any more than Handing out Warnings and Pink Status to People that are on Purpose Killing Teammates for whatever Reason they Fancy. And Sometimes doing it for Long Times without receiving any Serious Punishment.



Pls also be Aware. Currently my General Behavior is basicly. That I will mostly just Ignore wether or not my Attacks could Hit a Teammate as long as I hit an Enemy with that Attack.

Because you know. According to some People here. I am at Fault anyways and Regardless of Circumstances. And being Pink is no Real Punishment. So Honestly. I can just as well just Own up to being Pink and Ignore the Stuff that makes me Pink as its no Punishment anyways and if there is no Punishment. Why should I avoid doing it ? lol

So Yeah. Guess what. If I am at Fault for any Teamdamage I do and being Pink is no Punishment. Then I guess I will go with the Idea that doing Teamdamage might be my Fault. But apparently its Fine as long as I dont do it constantly :)




For those who somehow managed to make it to this Part of the Post without Realizing the Irony, Sarcasm and Parody which point towards the Fact that I am not Happy with the System and think that this System is really not Working the way it Should.

I know you aint gonna Read up to this Part anyways and will just Quote Single Parts from the Text above to get on my Nerves. So Pls Refer to the First Statement on the Top of this Post.

Thanks in Advance :)



Now for the Actually Constructive Part which I would like some Opinions to.


How about we Add at least some Minimal Tweaks to the System.




The thing with Shooting Enemies that are Extremely Close to Allied Ships.

Especially when these Enemies are Low HP and on Collission Course with that near Full HP Allied Ship.


Because you see.

I have several Times in the Past gone Pink. Because I Killed or at least Attempted to Kill an Enemy Ship that had Realized he lost the Fight and thus went for the Ram on an Allied Ship.

Resulting in me Firing and Hitting that Enemy Ship but also the Allies Ship (Thanks to BB Dispersion usually) and thus going Pink by Rescuing or Attempting to Rescue that Teammate.


And I think. You should not be Discouraged from attempting to Stop an Near Death Enemy that is about to take down a near Full HP Ally. Even if that means Possibly also taking some HP from that Ally in the Process.

I mean dont get me Wrong. But when you end up Hurting someone by for example Breaking a Rib of his while doing CPR. Then guess what. You wont be Punished for it. Because his Friggin Heart Continuing to get Blood to his Brain and Preventing him from Dying. Might be more Importand than him afterwards Spending a few Weaks in the Hospital due to a Broken Rib.....


So how to do that ?

Well the Automatic System would be Easy.

Just Implement a Short Check upon Teamdamage that sees if

A: The other Shells/Torps in that Salvo Hit an Enemy

B: That Enemy was within a very Close Distance of an Allied Ship (The Second Check is to Prevent this Covering for People not Paying Attention in Zoom and Shooting an Allied Ship Passing in Front of them.)

C: The Damage was Majorly done to the Enemy Ship and not the Allied Ship.


Because if all of these Conditions are True. Then the Likely Explanation is. That this Ally likely Needed Support. And is likely Happy that someone did Fire at that Enemy next to Him. Even if it resulted in him Losing some HP as well.

Because guess what. Losing some HP to Friendly Fire compared to Losing all your HP from being Rammed by an Enemy. Tends to be kind off an Easy Choice for most.




The thing with People Catching Torpedoes on Purpose because they are *******

Especially when these People really take an Effort to do this.


Because you see.

While Inherently Funny to see it when someone Turns Hard to Adjust his Course to Catch Friendly Torps and then gets Deleted by the Enemy because in order to do that he Showed Flat Broadside to the Enemy.

It is absolutely not Funny that you just Lost a Teammate for that Match and now Fight with a Disadvantage. And its also not Funny when People Succeed and Turn you Pink possibly even causing Damage to your Ship from the Mirror Effect.


And I actually think. Instead of Discouraging People from Firing something not just when they might Hit an Ally. But basicly whenever an Ally could Possibly somehow manage to Catch it even if it means doing something totally stupid.

The Focus should be to Discourage People from doing something Stupid on purpose and abusing the Automatic System.


So how to do that ?

This one is a bit Harder. And likely never gonna be 100% Safe.

But it can at least be Improved by some additional Checks whenever Teamdamage is done by Torpedoes.


A: Check on how long the Torpedoes Traveled before Hitting the Friendly Ship. And if the Frinedly Ship had Major Course Changes after the Torpedoes were Fired. (Seeing if Possibly the Allied Ship Changed Course to Catch the Torpedoes on Purpose)

A1: Check on wether the Ship was Heading away or towards the Torpedoes before that Major Course Change. (Seeing if it was an Attempt to Evade or an Attempt to Catch the Torps)

B: Check on how fast the Ship is vs how Fast the Torpedoes are. (Seeing if Possibly the Allied Ship actually Catched the Torpedoes by Driving after them. Because yes this has happened in case of some Slow Torps and Fast DDs...)

C: Check on wether or not that Ally was within a Certain Firing Arc of the Torpedoes when they were Fired. (Seeing if it was even Possible for the one Firing the Torps to Predict this. Importand for Long Range Torps)

D: Check on wether the Friendly Ship was Currently Engaged by an Enemy Ship. (Seeing if the Allied Ship had a Reason not to do Evasive Maneuvers.

E: Check if there was an Enemy Ship in the Firing Arc of the Torpedoes and if these were Spotted at some Point. (Seeing if these Torps were actually Aimed at an Enemy or maybe were Fired at Allies on Purpose.


Now depending on what comes out of these Checks.

The Threshold for Turning Pink from the Damage should be Higher or the Player should not Turn Pink at all.


For example. If both Checks A and B Return a Positive Result.

Meaning the Ship massively Changed Course towards the Torpedoes after they had already been Fired. And the Ship in Question had a Speed that was Faster or not much Slower than the Torpedoes.

Then this Should not Cause an Automatic Penalty.

Instead the Case should be Flagged for Manual Review. To See if there really should be a Penalty for the one who Fired the Torps. Or Maybe the one Deserving a Penalty is the One who got Hit by the Torpedoes. Because he completely on Purpose catched these Torpedoes.


Meanwhile if Checks A, C and D Return Results that Show that these were for example Long Range Torps and the Allied Ship was Hit like 15km after these Torps got Fired. Because he wasnt Paying Attention to it.

Then the Threshold of the Teamdamage Penalty should be Considerably Higher. Or even be Waived. Only Resulting in a Hidden Note in the System that this has Happened.

But not handing out any Warning or Pink Status unless it happens again.



But this also works in the other Direction

For example. If the Checks turn out Negative. And for example Show that the Friendly Ship hit by Torps. Was not Changing Course and was actually Sailing fairly close inside the Vision of the Ship that Launched the Torpedoes. While no Enemy was actually in Vision of the Ship that Fired the Torps. Or if there at least was Enemies in the General Direction that were not Spotted but within Range of the Torps. (Potential Blind Drop of long Range Torps)

Then it should be Considered if these Torps were not just Accidently Launched at an Ally. But were actually Launched at an Ally on Purpose.


Meaning this Case should be Flagged for Review. To see if maybe this is a Case of someone who was Annoyed for whatever reason. Deciding to Slam some Point Blanc Friendly Fire Torps into a Teammate.

Also the Threshold for going Pink should be Lowered. And the Damage should be Instantly Mirrored.

Because this is for example one the Cases where a Player attempts to Teamkill a certain Shipclass he dislikes (eherm. CVs.... Eherm...... )

Especially when a Player is Repeatedly Flagged with this Response. Because then maybe it might be Time someone friggin gave him a Long Pause from the Game together with a Clear Message that this kind of Behavior isnt Tolerated.




Add the Friggin "Forgive Option"


Seriously. How can this not be in the Game yet ?

In some Cases where the Damage is barely above the Threshold to Count as Teamdamage.

And where it was Obvious to the one who got Hit. That this wasnt on Purpose or maybe even was an Attempt to help out.


It should be Possible to just Forgive the Attacker. And thus Waive any of the Automatic Systems Responses.




Greetz Sun.


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1. It's too long, you should get banned just for wasting our time

2. Don't torp behind dds, it's enough they have to dodge CV radar and enemy torps. 

3. If you torp alert your team mate if it might hit him


If you get pink you probably deserve it.


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47 minutos antes, raz207 dijo:

1. It's too long, you should get banned just for wasting our time

2. Don't torp behind dds, it's enough they have to dodge CV radar and enemy torps. 

3. If you torp alert your team mate if it might hit him


If you get pink you probably deserve it.






You are actually asking for WG to do something smart and the posibilities of this are very very low.


BTW your writing is horrible, all those capital letters mixed with lowercase...

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