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Siegfried post-commander rework

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Dear all,

I am not a fan of the research bureau, and I decided a few months ago to finally reset a few lines to get my hands on the Siegfried. This cruiser with good armor and secondaries was really appealing to me, because of its unique playstyle. I was using it with a full secondary build, which proved to be a lot of fun. 

However after the commander rework, this ship configuration is dead. (Please don't tell me secondary specs are not viable, I know it, I played like that for fun only). After only a few battles with the ship I had to step away from the game for a while. When I come back, the commanders are completely changed and my Siegfried playstyle is no more.

So, Did they buff Siegfried secondary range? The range with the upgrade is now not as big as before. I cannot even spec my captain to improve its accuracy. Do someone know if they improved the base secondaries accuracy of the ship to help with that? 

I am so disappointed. Is the secondary spec Siegfried gone?

I don't want to see my hard-earned RB points being wasted like this...

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It’s base secondaries have increased to 7.95km but so has Agir’s. Agir has more secondaries so is now the better secondary ship.


WG should have buffed the range accuracy to maintain Siegfried’s unique traits. They could have done this without  changing their rework. It could have been baked into the ship or even on a special one off module like the one you can mount on Yubari.


They made an interesting secondary ship into a boring


Very disappointing!

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