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mid tier cruiser specific feedback for new captain perks

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level 1 perks




would be great, if your steering gears and engines weren't dead


too long to reload and bad arcs mean this is pointless, and suicide to make use of.  minor utility to RN and ITA


really? wheres my feature to cancel radar & sonar the way cv can 'cancel' fighters weegee?

sonar is situational at best and uptiered dfaa is useless. and extra pointless on ijn


cant think of a situation i need this. i know the first thing i need to shoot will be HE to deal with dd and the ap will bounce off almost everything.


sounds great? bloody useless. you dont have the agility to dodge in most ships if the source if inside your own firing range. especially with the standard match being up tiered. meaning your useless armour is just enough to fuse ap hits so angling is extra useless with overmatch. "lol just dodge"? "use armour by angle"? yea nah.


minor utility. given you will be burning constantly its likely dcp wont be there to fix your gear and engine




level 2 perks




why not. you can use the broken cudgel called fire mechanics to make life more boring for other cruisers. more peek-a-boo camping while you let cv and dd do spotting. because its suicide for mid tier cruisers now.


see ">SW".  


half these consumables dont exist for these ships. sonar is 90% of what these 2 points will go to.


the cruisers carrying spotter mid tier are being nurfed by taking this. they dont have the laser railguns to do anything effective to targets in 2 or 3 salvos and the reload is still to long. 


congrats. tells you when to implement your pro gamer hide in a corner move. because the only thing you are dodging with this are lower tier ships at longer range than half of them can fire at.


tier matters more than this skill

t6 vs t8 cv you can get stuffed or ball up

t8 vs t6 cv you dont need it half the time, and are wasting points that could be elsewhere. aa should be ^&*()%^*& rolled into secondary perks in the first place.



level 3 perks



>heavy he.

im guessing these shells come from the acme villain seacion on weapons, given they all a 1.5ish km nuclear glow penalty. 

this is terrible in a game where getting seen when you dont want to be gets you deleted.


see previous torp skills. 


good luck making use of this with the new meta. your hp goes down to make use of this and you are exp crops for a sniper bb. especially in the typical +2.

>heavy ap

i notice these shells dont come from the lair of some saturday morning cartoon villain, and dont add the nuclear glow detection penalty.

the ships that would bee most benefit from this have 152mm guns, so cant use it. usn and km ca are wasting 3 points at this tier due to not benefitting from high tier aim assist.


no heal? dont bother. the cd on these ships consumables mean you wont use them even with ConS unless you are in a match that plays like a high tier camp fest and you are among the most determined to pitch your tent. either you will sink or the match will end. and CV can cancel your cat fighter.


is 2100hp worth 3 points? no. not it is not.



level 4 perks




your base detectability vs range means this will be active a lot. might as well.


situational for RN cruisers. only useful if you camped to the and of a losing match. +8% speed isnt going to help you if you are on the wrond end of a leming train and your team is the other side of the map. you dont have the armour or agility to get anything out of this unless you are top teir in the match. and that is rare.


you could pick worse skills. situational. at least you will know if a sneaky dd is spotting you. dont count on getting to it if your own team isnt winning anyway.

have a nice bbq.


congratulations! mid tier 152mm cruisers are among the few to really benefit from this perk... in common +2 games.


its not 100% essential, but its a noticeable improvement to your survivability. given the busted cudgel of spotting mechanics that couldnt account for silhouette as a detection modifier, if you show it its own shadow on a wall.


usn cl might be able to pick this. but i wouldnt justify it on any other line myself. ijn is pointless unless top tier in the match




many ships getting the LS--PT--AR(SI for RN)--TGun(or CE) treatment for the first 10 points. the 'want to have' in this scenario is just want to dodge the trash.



3x multiplier on shell velocity is still cancer. since it removes target prediction and manoeuvring from the game as player skills. forcing the island camping that is so painfully boring at high tier.


sideways dispersion is still cancer. sagain forcing the island camping, as sideways dispersion if more likely to be blocked by a given island. and punishes anything but bow tanking. if the anti-peekaboo patch to engines years ago had been based on island proximity, at least then these ships might have had a leg to stand on in open water. as it is i feel like uninstalling until submarines.


fire mechanics are extra cancer. since its just watch your ship bleed hp until bb decide they can one shot overmatch you. it could be used as a way to debuff aiming, reload, traverse, accelleration and many other things depending on WHERE the fire was. it COULD be interesting. instead its a cudgel thats made worse be this rework.


module damage is still cancer. as its over simplified far too much. things that are either on or off. no accounting for multiple rudders, props, boilers. rather than ways to debuff ships systems. eg damaging a forward tower reducing your ability to detect enemies/disabling radar. damaging a turret slowing its reload or traverse.


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