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What if parameters were sliders and skills buffs?

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What if adjustments to match the ship with individual playing style was done with parameter pair sliders.

Buffing one parameter would nerf another. The range of values could be +15%/ -45% on base value with 1% increments. Buffing one value by 1% would nerf the counterpart by 3%.


  • Concealment vs HP.
  • Consumable duration vs range
  • Turning circle vs speed
  • Gun range vs dispersion (primaries and secondaries separated to individual pairs)
  • Turret (torp tube) traverse vs ROF (reload)
  • Torpedo speed vs range
  • AA range vs DPM
  • and so on.... Finding these kind of pairs is not rocket science.


The each skill point could be allocated to give a flat, let's say 1%, buff on parameter without penalties.


With 21p captain it would be possible to allocate all the points to increase the radar range by 21%. All the other ship parameter would remain default. Maximising the range with slider would give 36% (15% + 21%) increase but shorten the duration by 45%.

This would open up several ways to tune ship/captain combinations.

I know this will not ever happen. Too much effort was poured into this current change. Just had to do some constructive venting.

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While this idea is really nice, I am afraid, that WG will take the inspiration from you and will create shitfest, that was formerly known as WoWS and now its casual game with warships. Its too arcadey for me. Again, I like this idea, but it will create BS game

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