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Personal thoughts on reworked skills and upgrades for radar Minotaur.

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Although it was (and still is by a large portion of the playerbase) considered a meme gameplay back when the RN CL line was introduced to the game, my personal experience has been that the best Minotaur is a radar-equipped, AA-specced one. The latter perk was partially shattered by the CV rework, but the ability to catch unsuspecting DDs in randoms (and even in ranked) in a ~1km stealth-radar window still was really powerful, most of the time leaving the poor little ones crippled and wary at the very least if not outright sunk. Playing radar Minotaur, to me, is all about denial of key areas, increasing the costs of aerial strikes, baiting enemy fire and survival by extreme WASD hack (my catchphrase is "it's safer than smoke if you sail like a drunk"). To sum it up, the ultimate utility ship for the team.


And now the skill rework has arrived. I've looked into the new cruiser skills and tried to the best of my abilities to find a captain build that would keep my approach to how Minotaur should be played as intact as possible. So far, I've found a way to make my Minotaur almost as proficient as she was before without touching the upgrades, although it's a 20-points build, but also an alternative, much more hunter-oriented build with some extreme characteristics. But let's start with the basics, which is how a 10-point captain should look like:


  • Last Stand or Incoming Fire Alert.
  • Priority Target.
  • Superintendent.
  • Concealment Expert.


Spending the first point in one or another comes to personal preferences so I won't extend much on it. Suffice to say that my pre-0.10 build didn't use IFA and I fared reasonably well. The obvious next step is getting Radio Location, which brings us to 14 points already spent. Past that point things become interesting, because we can follow the AA route (I know it's a questionable one, but I went for it even after the CV rework), the hunter route or something in between, but I strongly recommend using SGM1 (4th slot) and CSM1 (5th slot) in any case:


  • AA speccing: Expert AA Marksman (2) + AA Gunner (4). Suggested upgrades for this route, which are currently mounted in my Minotaur, are AAM1, AAGM1 and AAM2.
  • DD hunter: Consumables Enhacement (2) + Top Grade Gunner (4). Longer duration consumables are always good in this role, and since the range at the beginning of the light-up is assured to be less than your own concealment in many cases, TGG gives a very useful extra dakka at the critical moment. ASM1 should be a good upgrade for this build, provided that your aim is good, or alternatively MBM2 for quick target switching.
  • The middle way: choose the 2-pointer from one side and the 4-pointer from the other or, although situational (the "best" scenario I can think of is encountering the red lemming while your team split in domination mode, be it at random or ranked), Outnumbered as the 4-points skill.


Like the LS/IFA choice, it's up to you the speccing and order for picking the skills. IMO, both AA and hunting are better served by a 4+2 selection, while the middle ground depends on which skills you chose for it. A final choice if you ever reach 21 points is what to do with the last one, but it should be picking either the other basic build skill or Grease the Gears. And lastly, what to put on the second slot: either SRM1 if you feel brave and wish to give the red DDs a big "nope" when trying to cap (stacked with Consumables Enhacement the duration jumps to a whooping 52.8s) or HSM1 if you prefer not risking your ship to an unexpected eel (120s duration, 132s when stacked, for seamlessly chaining radars and hydros).


Salute to all.


P.S.: Disclaimer, I haven't reset and re-specced my captain yet, this is just my initial judgement by looking at the skills. Two things I can say with confidence though: the automatically picked skill suit is garbage and I'll probably either go again with the AA route or switch to a Consumables + AA Gunner middle ground.

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I went with a build that supports both smoke and radar gameplay, so I went incoming fire, priority target, super intendent and concealment as my base build. Then I went RPF and that 2 point AA skill and I think adrenaline rush. I can check in more detail when I get home but my build basically did not change all that much.

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Mino now can get 53 second stealth radar, which is what I'm running on my alt account. Seems pretty insane.

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