Have played a couple of ranked to see how it would turn out, and i dont see much of a difference. One might even say, i had more luck with secondaries shooting both sides and they did start fires because of that. Also i think, secondaries seem to start faster now, sometimes it took some time for them to start shooting, which i dunno why that was.   These 2 are the games i played today (actually shot HE here aswell, which caused 2 fires i think)   And here some examples from before   One benefit is ofc if you take top grade gunner you get a benefit for secondaries AND mainbattery. Downside, cant have AR/SI/FP as before. I currently went without AR, because id need to buff it to 21 pts, so i rather took the 1pt DE instead (might explain me getting more fires). I also took FP instead of SI, because not getting 2 fires in the superstructure might basicly be the same as having an extra heal. Alltho with Massa, its definetely possible to use all heals, so not sure about that one yet.   Edit Thats what i am running now