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0.10.0 - Clan Brawls

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Update 0.10.0 will see the 14th and 15th Clan Brawls fought in a 7 vs. 7 format. Brawls are open to all players, even if a player isn't currently in a Clan. To participate, apply via the "Create Division" menu near the "Battle!" button, then wait for an invitation to join a Division. Only the player who creates a Division for a Brawl is required to be part of a Clan; the other invitees do not have to belong to any Clan at all. The inviting player should have the rank of Clan Recruiter or higher.



You can play in the 14th and 15th Clan Brawls only during the Prime Time of your server.


  • No more than two battleships per team.
  • Aircraft carriers are not permitted.
  • Up to six mercenaries per Division.

Game maps and modes

The Islands of Ice, Mountain Range, Trident, Warrior's Path, and Sleeping Giant maps in the Arms Race mode.

Rewards for each Brawl

Up to 5,000 Coal; 3,000,000 Credits, and 120,000 Elite Commander XP.


The Brawl rewards are divided equally between two chains of combat missions.

The second chain will succeed the first one:
14th Brawl: Saturday 30th January 07:00 CET (UTC+1)

15th Brawl: Saturday 13th February 07:00 CET (UTC+1)


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We can complete daily misions în clan brawl? If not, we will play random, rewards are beter thanks 

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Just remove aircraft carriers from the game at this point end REFOUND whoever gave you money to buy the CV , seeing how your absurd policy keep the class out from partecipating into game events anymore.


I suggest you to do that fast, before customers (expecially EU ones ) will start legal issues against WG for selling them virtual goods first and after that preventing them from effectively using those goods into your game anymore.



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It's bad enough that these don't count for daily chains, but it is seriously annoying that Clan Brawls don't count towards the Dockyard missions. Serious lack of respect from WG, as usual. 🤢

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I think 30 wins in 2 or 3 days is too much in the 7x7 environment for all the rewards (which arent that great in the first place btw)

Its ok in 3x3 and maybe even 5x5, because the games are going much faster. But in 7x7, especially if 2 good clans face one another, a game can go beyond 15 minutes, so that can be like 3 games an hour, which you wont win all ofc (again concidering good clans playing amongst each other).


So 30 wins in 3x3 is fine, often games only last 5 mins or a bit more, so you can get wins fast. Losing also doesnt matter so much because time is not an issue.

In 5x5 its also ok, but could be a bit lower, maybe 24?

In 7x7, it should be max 15 wins. Thats already plenty for those rewards. Its quite unrealistic to think, people play 5h straight for 5days in a row - and even if SOME clans/players do it, i doubt the majority will get those rewards.

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