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Long-Time Player Looking For New Clan

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Afternoon, all,


I've been playing WOWS on and off for about 5 years now, having been with my current clan for a couple of years. We've had some really good fun, but key members have lost interest for various reasons, meaning that we haven't participated in CW for a few seasons now. It's become too quiet, and I'd like to find an active group to play with.


I used to be a super casual noob, so my stats aren't great weighted against the old games, but as of late I generally hit somewhere inbetween great to super unicum on most stats for on good days. I'm a BB main with an armoury-focused ship collection (rather than tech tree), and mostly play at TX, with my main ships being Shikishima and Bourgogne, alongside Stalingrad and Yoshino when a cruiser is needed. Also have a couple of DDs, but no CVs (never actually played one). Got a decent bank waiting for future steel ships.


I'm not on all the time, but I can usually commit to a couple of evenings a week at least, dependent on workload. I'm interested in CW, but also random divisions.


I'm looking for a UK-based clan (had some timezone issues with others in the past, would prefer to keep it local) which doesn't take it too seriously, but aims to do their best in competitive while having fun. IGN is my username. Please give me a shout if you think I'd be a good fit for your clan.



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I have sent you a PM, i think you will fit into TAW no problem. 


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Are you looking for a competitive clan?




We are looking for something different.

Do you want to be a competitive player?

Skill is important, but maybe does not reflect your real value in-game (that is why we need you to play with you a few games because teamwork is important for us)

 (but you need to have experience, you must have at least 6 TX ships in port and experience in them at least 2500 battles in your account (WR above 52%)

You will be evaluated when u join us(meaning you need to spend some time playing a few games, talk with us on Discord, we need to know you and like u, also you need to know us first)

We ask for respect and follow the rules in the clan (we offer the same, here we don't tolerate offending and personal attacks)

Usually, we are looking for mature players, what they act like that, and they want the same thing from us (a place to play and have fun, not dealing with childless behaviour)


Who we are, what we do, and what 

[-NHW-] New Horizons Warrior’s offer?

We are an international Clan (as u can see in the above banner)

We understand the value of communication, voice chat, divisions, and training (Discord is mandatory for all the members)

We are a very active clan, we play every day: clan battles, count downs,  divisions, and some friendly matches with other clans.

We are the completive clan of the NH family newly founded but with the experience and wanting a little bit more from the game than the casuals.

(we did over 450 matches last season and made typhoon league 2nd season in a row)

We are looking to add more quality experience to our squad if you think you have what it takes join the clan and see if you have what it takes to become a new horizon warrior

We have friendly people here (we like to come on Discord even we do not play because we enjoy talking to each other)



Discord invitation https://discord.gg/SJnVq9q2Pn


We are equal when we play random or fun games, only in the battle CO has the higher rank/role when leading that battles.




We are part of a [-NH-] New Horizons

Discord invitation https://discordapp.com/invite/R6vdH2Z


That make and host

"YOU vs. ME - Tournament”.

(more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/)



We are part of a big community, we have in our server more than 34 other Clans (representative Ambassadors, Commander and Deputy Officers)

We play with them in this tournament, we have friendly and funny matches with them (meaning we have a lot of activity and funny moments here)

All the Tournament matches games are playing between Clan Battle Seasons


If you want to be a part of this, join us today!


If you want to talk with us, join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/SJnVq9q2Pn
In this way, you will know each other, and you can decide more easily what do you want.


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