This is a bug old as the game itself.   But lately its worse and worse. Just today I had 3 games where guns and torps would not fire for at least 5-10 seconds. No lag issues, ping normal, no shuttering or lag spikes ... so I don't know what is happening.   @MrConway since you are the only one still partly active WG staff member on the forum  -  I am pinging you, so that maybe, just maybe you can use some internal channel to ping the developers to look into the problem.   EDIT:   I have highlighted the question on today's stream.  I got an answer that the bug is difficult to locate / identify / fix and was asked to submit a ticket with attached replay. I did (ticket id: 129105368).   Hopefully developers identify the problem and fix it, because of all the bugs this one is purely game-breaking.   Thank you. no9.