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[TEARS] Tears of the Sea (Typhoon clan)

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Tears of the Sea is a clan that exists for around 4 moths now, so pretty new, but the first 12 founding players were all veterans from other clans that split in hopes of reaching better ranking in clan battles and be more competitive.In our first CB season since the clan founding we achieved that goal and finished the clan battles in Typhoon, while our highest rating was Typhoon 1, really close to Hurricane. We also managed to pass the KOTS group stage literally without any prior training. We are not super unicums but we have decent players that can play really well as a team and know each other for quite a while now. We started out as a Croatian clan but we quickly realized that in order to recruit stronger players we will need to open recruitment world wide. As of now, the clan is still majority Croatian but the percentage of international players is growing, as all the new recruits are international while the core of the clan that created it is Croatian. That being said, the official language is English and it is required that you can speak it well enough for basic communication in clan battles. Discord is also mandatory for that matter.


What we expect:

  • Discord for team play, including a working mic.
  • Have some T10's that are currently meta for clan battles (eg. Petro, Stalin, CV's, Halland, ...)
  • We are multi-national and welcome everyone, but we use English in Discord (you can curse in your native language)
  • We generally prefer calm people that don't cry to much over a game. Don't be toxic and salty.
  • Since we are still building the clan, farming oil would be nice since it doesn't cost you anything to turn on the Naval Battles
  • Have a winrate 50-60%, doesn't really matter where you fit in that category, since there are players that have 51% that can be better team players in Clan battles than some that have 61%



We give you:

  • Clan battle rewards that you might not get in other clans (like clan token)
  • The opportunity to play on a higher level than you might have played before
  • The competitive part of the game on a decent level
  • A lot of memes on discord (you are allowed to say anything, no "democratic" censorship like in our beautiful free countries)


One more thing that needs to be said: when you join the clan, you won't instantly get a spot on the "Alpha" team for the clan battles. We will test you and give you a chance to play with the strongest team. If you don't fit the criteria you can still stay in the clan and play with the secondary team (when we assemble one) and once you improve you can always join the big boys.

If you find this interesting and want to play with us, feel free to contact Realazio, Argonaut or UnholyBlackMetal.

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