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OK so WG broke the very Tech Tree itself?!

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I very much remember there having been a time when you were able to free-XP several ships at once, with the game client automatically adding up all the sums, like for Hulls and maybe other modules you needed to "research".

That seems no longer possible.

I seem to remember it even showed you the required total if you just hovered the research button, and if you didn't have enough, it told you how much was still missing.

Today, they make you add it up all by yourself, and in any event, skip each and every single ship manually, so to speak.

Now back when we had all those features (we did. didn't we?), they were not very necessary, since back then, skipping ships meant rewarding WG for not playing their content. Especially if you converted the Free XP with doubloons.

But these days, that is no longer true, of course, and what you ant to do is get to Tier IX asap in order to only have to risk contracting the carrier plague in about a third of all battles, instead of half to all the battles like on every other tier (except I and II).

The background for all these musings is I have been rushing through Kansas on my NA account, which fell out of the early access thing, as it seemed the fastest/best way to get another Tier IX ship for the snowflaking.

But now that I'm there, and it was a bit of a grind to grind all those 13 million credits on that F2P account, I'm wondering if I really want to get meself a Minnesota, just to gain another tiny amount of steel, when I could get so many other Tier IX ships instead, even though it would cost me my 365k Free XP. I really don't think it's a bad ship but it depends even more on the team than most others and frankly, the potato density is just too high.



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