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The Chat Ban Hammer.

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Hello, My question is this; What words does the lovely "Chat ban hammer" Not like?

For the past year, once a month I receive a month's chat-ban. I have asked a couple of times in a support ticket, and I always get the same useless bot-response. "The chat ban system is an automated process" blaa blaa blaa. This is such a weak response and a complete waste of my time.

Once again, I logged in today to discover that I'd been slapped with yet another month-long chat ban. Now before this becomes a permanent chat ban, I'd REALLY like to know just exactly what words,

the chat ban hammer doesn't allow us to say?

To my understanding the chat filter is on by default when you install the game, so surely swearing isn't a problem? Since in order to see those "hurtful swear words" you must first opt OUT of the chat filter, meaning you're choosing to see that.
I don't curse in any way that would get around the chat filter, I type in proper concise English, meaning any swearing I may or may not do, is absolutely filtered. Using this logic, if someone takes offense to me swearing, when they really 'ought not be able to see it, surely I'm not responsible for their feels?

Additionally, if swearing is not the problem, I'd LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS. I see some truly disgusting words being thrown about from one player to another all the time, yet I swear once and I'm insta-banned. 

Additionally, Additionally; As I stated above, I've already submitted a couple tickets to the support section, WHY ISN'T THERE A PROPER RESPONSE?! 

For a game that allows people to treat other people like complete crap, and encourages "hate" in it's gameplay, you sure have an unusual way of treating people who actually voice their frustrations.


Example: "Lets create a system where people can hide for 99% of the engagement, or come to a complete stop in open water and be immune to consequences, or burn someone on the other side of the map for their own selfish score...but lets ensure that nobody may complain about it, or call someone out for their bad game-play. We wouldn't want people to be offended while they're frustrated, oh dear"




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Cursing is cursing. That you did not consider it a probem after getting repeatedly chat banned for a year is interesting.

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