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No clan bonuses last weekend yes or no

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Well did all clan naval-port % and oil out of containers add up to us players or not.

To me the credits and xp section after each game seemed a bit low last 3 days.
So I though, maybe I run out-off some signals or something.
Then some players did mention the not getting oil for the clan....
Then I thought,....  
Were the missing clan bonuses to blame....

Well if this is the case.
How can we be compensated in the right and fair way.

Naval battles were a real mesh already.
no winners no losers! I would say.
because hardly half the clans were able to do it right.
Even though there was a way to play it, not everybody found it in time....

With the upcoming updates.
I figure many players did try to gain some extra resources....
If this clan bonus miss-out was happening last weekend.
What will WG do about their mistake.

If nothing was wrong and everything was hunky dory ...
well WG , reply anyway please.

clear it up for me, tell me if we missed nothing.
for now I'm not very pleased.

Like many players my time is of some value to me
I play to build up resources!

free XP to try buying the Smalland in time.
made about 350,000 this weekend. want my clan % that I missed.

Credits to re-buy as many tier 8 and 9 ,
just for the snowflakes steel. (lucky we don't have to get those extra tier 10's beck)
Well made about 36,000,000 credits. So compensate me on that. clan %

Commander XP because we will need that in the 0.10.1 update!
made quite some amount just don't know how much.
how to 
give me the missing extra clan %

normal XP % to boost the rest was less as well.... 
that effects a lot.

that's lots of missing resources.

bought 31 containers
played off 9 and 7 out of tasks.
so clan is missing 470 oil only from my part off containers opening.

And this is only me....

WARGAMING ! will you refund us?
and just not with giving us containers!

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