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PT 0.10.0 - General Feedback

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Captains, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.10.0!

Updates to the Commander skill system, Brawls, and other new features. Take a look through the Developer Bulletin, and welcome to the Test!


Round 1 Schedule

Starts: Thursday 17th December 17:30 CET (UTC+1)

Ends: Tuesday 22nd December 06:30 CET (UTC+1)


Special Features of the Test

  • The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server.
  • Please note: Lunar New Year ships, camouflages, and Commanders will not be available on the Public Test Server.

The Public Test Server will host Brawls in a 3 vs. 3 format in the Arms Race mode, playing Tier X ships. To participate in these Brawls, it's enough for only the Commander to be a member of a Clan—up to two mercenaries can be invited to each team.

Other Changes

We've added special content dedicated to the Lunar New Year: Wujing and Sanzang in the Sha Wujing and Tang Sanzang permanent camouflages, together with themed Commanders; Fen Yang with the Lunar New Year permanent camouflage; and two types of the "Journey to the West" containers. To mark the celebrations, we've updated the Dragon Port.


  • To make it more explicit, we've updated the display of Early Access ships in the Tech Tree, as well as the description of their features.
  • The segment split of torpedo bombers' reticles now depends on the number of aircraft in the attacking flight. This fixes an issue that prevented the display of some of lines in the reticle.
  • Pressing the F key after attacking with the last flight in a squadron will skip the attack animation and transition you to controlling the ship.
  • When a squadron takes off, the aircraft models no longer disappear from the deck of an aircraft carrier all at once, but rather disappear in turn.
  • We've updated the interface for carrier armaments in the Port.
  • The message about the return of a squadron to their carrier has been removed.
  • The game now loads while a video is played on the loading screen.


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This is a dreadful update. Reasons why You can find here:

Don't nerf secondaries!

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As much as I like buffing secondary range on lower tiers (8 and below), I feel like the special increased secondary range for Germans/French is not needed - especially on the higher tiers. The combination of current ranges at tiers 9-10 and secondary accuracy works fine in my opinion and I don't see the point in changing it. Don't discourage players from building into secondaries even with different nations - let them play the game how they want. For example Shikishima and Kii have a great secondary potential, why should these ships get a different treatment than German/French?...


The possibility for secondaries to fire from both sides thanks to the new skill is also misguiding - apart from US BBs Massa/Georg/Ohio and maybe Japanese 140mm casemates they will hit crap. I would not do this change as this would simply buff these ships since they are able to hit ships quite well in the current version even without manual aiming. Every other ship will just do "puff puff" and hit nothing. In the end, I think it's completely pointless to change top tier ranges and accuracies for secondaries. Please don't nerf the secondary builds, already these builds have to sacrifice a lot to get secondaries effective. It is their defense against DDs, cruisers and a helping hand against BBs. With an accuracy nerf, the DDs will easily leave the secondary range and will suffer only a few hits. If any, because even in the current version a well maneuvering DD player can dodge a lot of secondary fire...


And if you are concerned that these ships would be too efficient if you kept the current manualy secondary dispersion and you added the -10% main battery reload time when in secondary range, why don't you simply change it to +10% anti air DPS like it is in the current version? All secondary BBs currently get a nice buff to anti air defenses, which they need. This is also in my opinion a very unnecessary and unpleasant change....


Plus, have you considered buffing the 152-155mm big secondaries? These secondaries on battleships at tier 8+ could have the same rule as light cruisers at tier 8 and above - the 1/5 caliber HE pen. That way, these big secondaries could at least pen cruisers elsewhere than just superstructure. And since they fire quite slowly, it would not be a dramatic buff. It would be a nice touch especially for French and Japanese, because now they are just good fire starters and its quite sad that they can't pen anything.



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Loading screen

The new login loading screen projects you in a norwegian fjiord, set in winter.
All much "Vikings", great peoples, i like it.

New Dragon port

In the new Dragon port, you get hit from a cinematographic majesty.
The surroundings in the south Chinese Sea, is exquisitely crafted: the immense Dragon who is guarding the waters, the falls on the mountains, the shining lights of red lanterns like in a 007 movie, the Bull like "assistant" of the Dragon, the small cerimonial boats in the bay (from distance, they seem Vikings Drakkar, very cool, interesting), the Dojo on the island..... all very beatiful, as i said, cinematographic.

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Nerfing secondaries and leaving Deadeye in is a big mistake. Last match as a DD a Alsace demanded I suicide myself so he could get some spot. I explained the game to him but he didnt seem to understand losing a ship for one spot is not a good trade, end that sitting so far back meant he hit little and killed nothing!

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