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Love our ears, gib us better sound control <3

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Hi.  Support sent me here, said good people here love listening to feedback and such. Apologies if the issue has already been raised.  See spoiler for all the details



As you can see from the screenshot I like many others choose to not enable music in battle and in game as we're practically always listening to other stuff while playing or are on call with friends etc etc. However there's one thing we cannot disable now, its the music played after a battle, the post-battle victory/draw/loss music. It would be of tremendous help to the community to bind the volume settings for that to the either the 'Music in Battle' or 'Music in Port' volume.


At the moment it is tied to the 'Interface Volume' where it is not useful at all as lowering or putting that off prevents us from hearing other in-game sounds, such as the engine throttle or rudder lock sounds.


Also since the last update the Horn sounds of various boats got nicer, but would be helpful to have a horn volume slider added to the settings as it gets sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Thank you for taking these into consideration.







Ticket ID 128215150: Sounds, chat, voice

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