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DLL- we are recruiting new Members for [CW, Div, etc]

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DLL- we are recruiting Members [CW, Div, etc]


We are an active clan looking to recruit new members who can play regularly and are wishing to participate in clan wars to earn steel for ships and to help improve the clan base.

Our Clan is a funclan so we don't expect you to be online every evening as we know people have work/study commitment but if you can turn up on TS3 from time to time that would be great. 



We are looking for active players (at least a few times a week)

Experienced players as well as newer players

Players with an interest in clan battles

At Least 1x T8 non Premium Ship

Public Profile


We offer

Experienced players in all ship classes and Tiers

Active players who are online almost every evening

A funclan that can also be serious

A young (Ø 25) years old community

A private TS 3 Server


  • Our TS can be found at IP: if you want a quick chat about joining, otherwise you can send your application to DLL- or ask the following people ingame or on the forums:







If you have any questions, our recruiters are always available to chat.


Best regards from DLL-

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DLL- we are still recruiting members for clan battles and random battles. Interested? Just contact us or visit our TS server!

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