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Question about replays and game updates

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since the new patch is out, I cannot simply launch my replay file to record the gameplay. If i try to launch it, the launcher attempts to update the game first.


The last time, I allowed that to happen, I lost the opportunity to record my replays... I don't want that to happen again obviously.


So, the first question is: Is 0.9.11 capable of running replays from older patches? I haven't been keeping up to date on everything, so I am asking just to be sure.


If not, how I can launch my replays without updating the game first? About 6 months ago, I was able to do just that. But ever since then, WG has changed something and now it wants to update the game first...


I've looked at all of the available options in the launcher but I couldn't anything related to the issue. Perhaps, I can install a second launcher, but I can't imagine how that would work, since it always wants to update the game first.


I've tried unplugging my PC from the internet before launching the replay, that doesn't work either.



Thanks for the response.

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