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RSS - how to filter preferred Forum content

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Activity Streams (RSS)


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I have made this new topic, explicitly in response to a proposal by @Execute0rder66 and subsequent contributions by a variety of (super)users, which discuss how forum content might be filtered by a user, to obtain preferred content.

What do we mean by preferred? For some users it means content by people they like, for others it means content made by people they think to be reliable sources of information, and for others, content by users they find funny. One user's crap post is another user's gold dust.

I use available forum tools to ensure pure gold arrives top of the pile on my web browser, every day. Of course, what looks like gold to me, may not be your cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Hence, I was surprised on reading these discussions, that so few were aware of, let alone used, the Activity Streams (RSS).


The Activity Stream tabs can be found at the top of the forum webpage :


"My Activity Streams" contains a list of useful options :


These options are all self explanatory, but I suggest users experiment with "Content I started" and "Members I follow"

before clicking on 

"Create New Stream"


Create New Stream allows a user to create a highly personalized flux of forum updates that will appear in your browser

Once saved, you will see the new Activity Stream option in the drop down tab


Click on your "stuff" (or whatever you have called your personalized Activity Stream) to see this :



A further option is for users to employ RSS. What is RSS?  Really Simple Syndication. Some browsers have a built in ability to syndicate web content, others like Chrome require an addon.
When you see the RSS symbol on the forum,


clicking  on it will provide a graphically simplified and contantly updated list of new content, according to your content filter options.

Like this : 


I use the official Chrome web extension for RSS, but there are many 3rd party alternatives available for all web browsers. RSS works on Smartphones, tablets, PCs, android, windows and mac. With this approach to forums,  a user can empower themselves, to moderate content they don't want to see or read, because they don't have to see or read anything you don't like! 

This approach to forums does not prevent a user from also seeing content they disapprove of or are not interested in, they can just open a fresh tab with either the default forum view, or another personalized activity stream. So for example, I can set up two separate RSS feeds for French and English subforums each, making it easier to keep track of interesting forum conversations across the the many topics and communities that exist on https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/


Summary ! 

Empower yourself to become a forum moderator of content you want to see/don't want to see!

Create your own list of quality user content by people you think are quality posters!


addendum :

I am sure the Activity Stream options could be improved, but I can't help but feel the existing options are poorly used, and even unknown, by admission of even experienced forum users. I'd like to see Activity Streams promoted, and made much more visible as I am sure they have the potential to respond to and satisfy many complaints about forum content management.


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Bro, thanks a lot. I will check this out later but i really lost my appetite. Don't really care that much anymore as many things don't make sense or worth the time. Unless someone asks a question, i don't think i will answer or i will only give quick responses to some threads. Cheers.

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