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OCTO International is recruiting!

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Greetings Captains!


We are OCTO, an EU based Typhoon clan.

Currently, we are welcoming players with a reasonably competitive mindset.

Although casual players are also welcome.


We are an international clan, with members from all over Europe, and some from even further afield!

We are a very relaxed group of people, but when Clan battles come round we try to step it up! (We reach Typhoon with no major issues)
The Clan base is complete with all the perks unlocked.


We are Ideally looking for players that:

   - Have played over 2500 battles

   - Have a winrate around our clan average: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500171299,OCTO-Octo-International/  but in any case have a winrate at or above 54% (Exceptions can be made). PR above 1400.

   - Are active on discord (although we do realise real life matters as well )

   - Have a somewhat competitive mindset/drive

   - Speak English and have a mic/headset

   - Have at least 3 tier X ships

   - Are 19+ years old


If you think you are a good enough player despite not meeting our requirements, and if you have any questions,  you can contact any of the following officers/recruiters:

Bad_Moon, Zen71_sniper, Beyke, , MortiferusRosa, Salbogus, or me Maric_7.

Just contact one of us ingame or via our discord channel.

You can obviously also send me a message here on the forum.

Feel free to ask any questions, we are a friendly bunch! :-)


Our discord link is:


We hope to see you soon!


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We are looking for committed Clan Battle players. We want to start preparing for the next season and the time is now if you are interested! High Storm or Typhoon level players preferred. 


Rules (notwithstanding the original post) are simple  - If you don't suck and you are not a di..k, come and join us - generally, we are very nice people with cookies!



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