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Should i need Tier 6 ship to play Aegis?

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No, it is not. 

Those battles are premade scenarios with a defined script. You need a tier6 ship to fulfill your role and to have a chance to win.


On the other hand, it doesn't take too much time to reach tier6. So do not be worried. Your time will come.

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It's worth having several viable options available too - there is a cool-down period after each run, and it costs silver to skip it, which is a bit of a waste of resources.


A quick glance at your profile suggests getting the Russian T6 BB first, which is a pretty decent pick (and also leads to the T7, which is excellent for Narai when it comes around); hopefully, you used a referral code when you started your account, in which case you should get Warspite too after your first T6 game, and she's pretty good for the T6 Ops as well.


For a new player, the US and IJN BB lines are good for learning the basics of the general play style of the class, and they're decent for Ops too (personally, I prefer the IJN ones); the French BBs are some of my favourite silver ships for Ops as well, so are worth getting too.


FWIW Ops are the main mode that I like playing CVs in (not keen in PvP, and Coop is a bit dull); I would suggest the IJN and KM options, and perhaps the US. If you are playing silver ships, the IJN T6 has perhaps the best overall tool-set for efficiently killing the targets you find in Ops (although not much use against DDs, the KM AP rockets are glorious against the straight-lining cruisers that are a staple of Ops).


For a new player, I would suggest avoiding DDs and cruisers - as a general rule - as they aren't very resilient, and it's too easy to leave your team a man down early in the battle.



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