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[AAO] Against All Odds - We are recruiting competitive unicum players. Fight alongside us Against All Others in Hurricane!

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[AAO] Against All Odds

We are Recruiting!





146739713_AAOGunRightBig.png.3687b5ab7ba585f893eb4ede7ea1e882.png  Against All Odds [AAO] is on the lookout for active competitive players with Hurricane level experience! 1520342062_AAOGunLeftBig.png.53e5098423c0f3dbc343ff71cae3160e.png

Against All Odds [AAO] is an international gaming community with a clear focus on competitive gameplay. The first milestones of AAO were achieved in the first Team Battle season as team Aim Assist. Nowadays we excel in Clan Battles and earn a solid and consistent place in Hurricane during Clan Battle seasons. We are always on the lookout for new members that share the same competitive mentality and want to excel at the highest level of World of Warships.



What does AAO offer:

  • A friendly and open atmosphere. 
  • Clan Battle sessions in the highest leagues. Play against the top of EU and other regions!
  • A spot in our team that performs at the highest level of competitive World of Warships has to offer.
  • Divisions with unicums to learn, adapt, train your preferred shiptype and have fun to create a strong team synergy.
  • An individual and constructive improvement plan to let you perform as good as you can.
  • The possibility to join our occasional Trainings to sharpen our team's performance.
  • A fun amount of internal Scrims with a chance to earn resources from our clan's Treasury.
  • A spot within our Clan Special Test (CST) team if the needed competitive mentality is achieved. 


The requirements to join AAO:

  • We are an international community. Your communication in English has to be fluent in order to join Against All Odds.
  • You need access to Discord, since we use it as our main communication platform. 
  • You need to be an active player that can join Clan Battle session preferably twice a week. 
  • You need to be an excellent Team Player with unicum level game knowledge.
  • You need to have competitive experience at Hurricane level. Preferably top 15 EU experience. 
  • You need to have stats (wows.stats) that mirror our clan's average. Exceptions can be made for visible improvement that can lead to our clan's standard through competitive mentoring.


How to apply to AAO:

  • Apply underneath this Post. A recruiter of AAO will get in touch with you as soon as possible to review your application.
  • Visit our public Discord 'Against All Others' to get in touch with our Recruiters. The link to our public Discord: https://discord.gg/SWFgYZv
  • Get in touch with our Recruiters in-game. Our main recruiters are:
    • Preda
    • Lemon_Pizza
    • FireRM
    • FeelTheseTorps


Action Stations! Against All Odds [AAO] 




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