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No damage from hitting an island?

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11 minutes ago, Faceoff said:

I remember when this was a thing, why was it removed? I can't stand those island huggers.

That’s not been a thing since, well, forever.


It didn’t contribute to gameplay.


Lots of people hit islands by accident. At which point they are easy targets, so tend to get punished anyway. It rarely is an exploit (it is at most a way to come to a quick stop at the risk of having to back up slowly under fire).


Plus, if people get stuck by accident or on invisible rocks, they’d get regular if not continuous damage on top of being a sitting duck. It’d greatly reduce the enjoyment of the game for these people and why risk needlessly pissing consumers off?

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Yes, welcome in WoW


You ram a wall of rock at 35 knots?

No damage


You ram the side of a friendly dd with a battleship at 35 knots?

10 damage


You scratch the rear of an enemy ship when the both of you were almost not moving?



Think positive, the armor of the Kremlin and the guns of the Smolensk are even more unrealistic

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It's been removed years ago when the game basically went life because it was absolutely detrimental to gameplay, same as team collision damage. You'd regularly have people beach themselves or ram team mates out of carelessness and that decided the match already, as there were losses before the two teams even met each other. And reintroducing it is absolutely silly as well, especially given island hitboxes are a mystery half the time where you have no clue whether you might scrape by or not.

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