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Packet Drop and Ping Problems

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So here's a mystery for y'all. About a week ago out of nowhere I started to have the above problems which made the game unplayable. Guns didn't shoot and I was getting disconnected even in the Port. Raised a ticket got nowhere. They just kept asking for Ping Plotter results and War Gaming error report (both of which I had provided on my first request). I talked to my ISP nothing...I swapped hubs and for a couple of hours things were better. Then back to the same old problems. I reset my computer, ran the repair facility and then deleted and reinstalled the game. My rig is fine, Ryzen 5 3400g (only six weeks old) and my broadband is spot on (averages about 90 mbs). I can surf, stream and play other games like EVE with no problems. I'm tearing my hair out at this point. So in desperation I log out of the Game Centre and then back in. BINGO.......World Of Warships runs as sweetly as before. Why should that be? Anyone know?

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