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(OH-NO) Smile before you die, Currently recruiting.

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Hello Fellow Captains.

OH-NO, SMILE BEFORE YOU DIE CLAN is on the lookout for like-minded captains for both experienced and new players to join its ranks. We at OH-NO are looking to provide a high-quality, unique and memorable gaming experience to all its members.
In order to give members a chance to have that connection with other members to have fun, have  good banter and most of all, enjoy a friendly environment. The commander feels that a great community should be built on more than just games but also a sense of freedom, friendship, a sense of being at home and being part of large family at OH-NO.  We are looking for unique captains that will bring their skills, experience and knowledge with them and be willing to learn from others to in a fun way.  We at OH-NO have few key values that we stand by and they are, RESPECT, LOYALTY, HONOUR and FUN.


Age - 18 years and above
Must speak English in-game/Discord
Have mic and use it
Must be active in-game and discord
Get respect by giving it. Respect all members/staff
Not easily offended - We like to joke


A friendly and competitive environment where you can play random division or Clan battles, It just depends what you want.
A place where members can come and relax and forget about real life problems for few hours and enjoy the company, Sit back have fun and have good laugh.
Learning new skills from others within the clan and to test your self with better players and also they will be happy to help you.


Bring quality members that will bring something unique to the clan, Initial goal 15 members.
Strive to improve the clan as a whole and willing to listen to all members/staff regarding their thoughts or ideas and problems they may have.
To complete the clan port to offer our members unique bonus.
To compete in Naval Battles ( For the Oil we gain goes towards the completion of clan port)
Clan Battles we are aiming to produce a team to be as strong and competitive as possible and aim to have fun and enjoy CBs


Please feel free to contact on here or discord or in-game if have any questions. Discord https://discord.gg/pr4fUP9jyt

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53 posts
10,486 battles

Captain's fed up with how your clan is going, no direction, gone stale. Then maybe your looking for a new challenge something different.


If so maybe OH-NO could be the place to be. Come and check us out.

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