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PT 0.9.11 - 0.9.12 - New Year Campaigns

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In Pursuit of Strasbourg Campaign


The first New Year temporary Campaign comprises 32 tasks in four missions. The rewards for completing the missions are unique New Year Commanders for Pan-Asian, Italian, or French ships. Completing the Campaign will reward you with flag_France_1b45875fe2166c392a4b0801c9fapremium_1d0cabf1997104fd727039ab9c098192VII Strasbourg, adorned in the Winter Holiday permanent camouflage.



The first mission will become available with the release of Update 0.9.12. The missions that follow will become available each week.

Please note: you can't obtain flag_France_1b45875fe2166c392a4b0801c9fapremium_1d0cabf1997104fd727039ab9c098192VII Strasbourg by completing the Campaign on the Public Test Server.


The Ships and Fates Campaign



The second New Year temporary Campaign comprises 36 tasks in six missions. Completing the missions will reward you with researchable ships flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcstandard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bV Furutaka, flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09standard_357acc9fc0e2f7d98f047c99edffad3V T-22, flag_United_Kingdom_c1f75d7cca85dc4b4820standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bV Hawkins, flag_Europe_6c2bac10ec2bec5799e117af8aa6standard_357acc9fc0e2f7d98f047c99edffad3V Visby, flag_Russia_6ce701e1c2f2ac3909a68a0a7b23standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bV Kotovsky, and flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4V New York, all with unique New Year Commanders and Winter permanent camouflages, as well as Santa's Gift containers.


All six missions of the Ships and Fates Campaign will become available with the release of Update 0.9.12. The final task of the first mission can be completed only with flag_France_1b45875fe2166c392a4b0801c9fapremium_1d0cabf1997104fd727039ab9c098192VII Strasbourg.


Both Campaigns will be available until the release of Update 0.10.0. The Campaign tasks can be completed only with Tier V–X ships in Random, Ranked, Co-op Battles, and Operations.




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How to get Texas 


You can get Texas by doing the final task of the last phase of Strasbourg Campaign.

If you need stars for the unlocking of the final task just do the tasks that you have already completed.

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