I've seen WOWS wig out a couple of times since patch 0.9.10. Check the video to see what happens. This was introduced to me since patch 0.9.10, I did not have any issues before. I starts happening after I've played for some time. The game also seems to have moments where it doesnt seem to be able to keep track of all the stuff that's going on on screen, especially when theres 500 torpedoes coming at me, 4000 AA traces firing at planes form all the ships arround me on screen and im in one of my speed racing DD's.     Somehow this feels related to the known bug where we see a glimpse of the previous match when the current one ends right before switching to port. That bug I've seen before on a game I worked on in the past: it was a memory managment issue - the previous level was not flushed from memory when a new one was loaded. It would still be there for the entire new round and would show itself at round endings. The ghost 'image' looks exactly like that. I have 12 GB of memory, and didn't check the memory status while playing the game. I might if I feel like it. I might not. This is not an official bug report :P   Just curious: Anyone seen anything like this before, anywhere?   PS: didn't stop me from killing 2 ships while it was going on