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The Espana Class - Euro BB Tier III

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The Espana class was a spanish Dreadnough serie of 3 ships, Espana, Alfonso XIII and Jaime I each ship would meet it's own fate which the only thing in common being neither of them survived to see the 2nd world war.

Spanish battleship Espana illustration by Parkes.jpg

The 3 ships would each have their own story to tell but the relevance for WoWS is kind of questionable... So the short version.

Espana would be the lead ship of the class and represented Spain on voyages, she would attend to the opening of the Panama Canal in 1915. 
In 1923 Espana ran aground and  was destroyed in a storm. Her guns were taken off for costal defence.


Alfonso XIII would be renamed to Espana in 1931, years after the original lead ship was scrapped. She would have a minor refit in 1935 as the Spanish Civil War  annauled major refits any time forward. Shortly after the begining of the Spanish Civil War, she would surrender to the nationalists and see extensive service. She would then preform piracy tactics and capturing several fishing vessels and freighter while outrun a Republican flotilla, which by coincidence included her sistership, as well as the occational submarine attack. From here she would raid, capture or bombard various targets till she struck a mine, flooding her port engineroom and killing 4 men. The ship would capsize and sink with most of the crew safely evacuated though under air attack from republican forces.

!Note! from this point onwards, the name Espana will be used to adress this ship.

Jaime I was the last ship of the serie and wouldn't be finished till 1921. She wouldn't see nearly as much action as her rather hostile sister, except for some air raids and a minor incident in 1937 resulting in an internal explosion and a fire killing 200 men. After which she was deemed beyound repair and broken up for scrap.


The ship carries four twin-gun turrets, one centered forward, one behind and to the right side of the ship, another further behind and to the left, and the last centered aft. Numerous smaller guns are distributed along the sides of the vessel.

For the sake of this article, Espana is adressed as a regular ship while Jaime is considered a premium and will stick to a suggested 1934 refit.


Espanaes's Advantages

- Nice angles of fire for wing mounted guns.

- Great armour all around.

- Easy to play Tier III or Tier IV techtree BB.



The armour is respectable though the belt is somewhat thin for a BB.

Deck:        38mm 

Belt:          203mm  at the thickest.

Turrets     203mm

C.tower    254mm  

Waterline 38mm according to  the blueprint. it is unknown if these include the torpedo bulges or not.

On top of solid armour, the ship has rather small dimensions to begin with, though Jaime is streatched longer from the 1934 refit. 



Espana features 4 turrets with 2 of them in wing mounts

4x2       - 305mm L/50 main guns, unspecified manufacturer, presumed Vickers or Arsenal.

20x1     - 102mm sec. guns in sponsons along the belt. Unspecified manufacturer

Jaime has the same main guns though the wing mounts have been moved to the centerline.

4x2       - 305mm L/50 main guns, unspecified manufacturer, presumed Vickers or Arsenal.

12x1     - 120mm DP guns, these are presumed to be the QF 4.7" L/40 as these are the go to of that specific caliber.


AA Guns

Espana would have 3 diffrent AA suits over her service life.

Hull A (1913)

2x1  - Maxim MG                                   - SR  8  dps   @ 1.5km

2x1  - 3pdr. QF Vickers                         - SR  7 dps    @ 2.5km

Rating of 3-4 points

Hull B (1926)

2x1  - 3pdr. QF Vickers                         - SR  7 dps    @ 2.5km

2x1  - 76.2mm QF                                 - MR 8  dps   @ 3.5km

Rating of 6-8 points 
Hull C (1936)

2x1  - 2cm FlaK c/30                           - SR  13 dps   @ 2.5km

4x1  - FlaK 88 c/30   -88mm              - LR  7    dps    @ 4.6km w. 1 FlaK cloud

Rating of 12-16 points
Jaime on the other hand isn't as well documented but she stick to the 1934 proposal for her refit

4x2   - 40mm L/39 Pom-pom            - SR   67 dps   @ 2.5km

12x1 - 120mm L/40                            - LR  51  dps   @ 5.2km w. 2 FlaK clouds.

This is rather powerful, a rating worth 25-29 Points however this is mostly due to the long range, rather than the volume of damage. 




Although Dreadnoughs, both ships have a top speed of only 19.5kn/h and a terrible Power/weight ratio of only 1 HP/ton. This does not leave the ships as the slowest in the game, but by far as the most sluggish ones. Make no mistake, these are modern turbine powered dreadnoughs... they just don't have enough of them.

If Jaime sticks to the 1934 plan, she is refitted with new boilers which solves the acceleration problem, but she maintain the same turbines and the top speed is unchanged.



Espana is an excellent Tier III BB with thick armour and easy to play. She is perfect for starting up the BB line for European ships.

She has room for several refits and modifications as the game allows for the tier.

Jamie shares a lot of Espana character (though she looks diffrent) the modifications will push her up to Tier IV, granted with premium status.

Although not a match for Texas when it comes to AA power, the low tier and long range makes her great at protecting the team, which in turn protects her.  

In the suggested techtree, she will be acquired by the Tier III cruiser: SMS Helgoland


and Lead to the Tier IV Battleship: -Pending-


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