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Italien CV Sparviero

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Sparviero (Sparrowhawk) was an italien escort carrier project which started in 1936, got cancled, renamed and restarted in 1939 under the name Falco (Hawk). Then it got put on-hold till 1942 and kickstarted again.

The project followed the steps of another italien carrier, Aquila (of which I have already writen an article about) and they may be considered half sisters as they were based on two sister ships but Aquila would be a very diffrent ship as she was suppose to be fleet carrier while Sparviero is an escort carrier.

It was the conversion of a cruise liner, in this case the ship used was the M/S Augustus. 


While Aquila would (from what I can tell) almost finish construction in less than 2 years, (re-)construction of Sparviero had barely begun by 1942 and the ship would never be finished, with little more than her superstucture removed.


While the Luftwaffe proved carriers would be vulnable in the mediterranean by damageing HMS Illustrious (iLLustrious). 

The Battle of Cape Matapan could potentially have spared the loss of 3 heavy cruisers, if they had better air cover.

This is (proberly) what restarted the construction of carriers in Italy. too little too late.


The conversion of Augustus was not nearly as deemanding as of her sister ship, she was a simpler design and she would have looked very diffrent.

The ship would keep her diesel powerplant of 20khp which may be considered enough for an escort carrier.

Her flight deck would end 45 meters before her bow and would be rather narrow in addition to the hazardes arresting gear and systems the italiens were planing. 

She would contain one hangar with two elevators.


Sparviero's Advantages

- Italien

- Heavy armour for a CV.

- Fast aircraft.

- Lots of potential.



The armour is thicc, not on british levels of armour but still a solid layout though details are missing.

Deck:        70mm over vitals such as bunker fuel & magazins

Belt:          80mm  at the thickest.

Auxiliaries & citadel: Unknown but presumed to be the same as her sister (30-80mm)



The ship sports the usual Anti-surface armerment.

8x1     - 135mm L/45  

Sadly, the 65mm are not heavy enough to count as artillery (though it isn't writen anywhere on the game wiki)

Italien captial ships had a tendency to have a lot of rangefinding equipment onboard, it would make sense to give them long range such as 6.5km, However shell quality was not up to the task of hitting the target anyways.



As information is missing, it is presumed she would feature the same planes as her half sister.

The vessel is noted to carry a total 59 planes... with 34 of them being fighters, 16 bombers and 9 torp bombers. 

this means NOTHING after the update which we DO NOT speak

Reggiane Re.2001 OR Serie II for fighters and Torp. bombers @ 290kn top speed.

If flight speed was simple to calculate it would be 240kn while carrying a 600kg torpedo, which is still pretty fast.



Fiat G.50 Bis/A these are the bomber and attack aircraft at 250kn top speed. 

If flight speed was simple to calculate it would be 205kn tops while carrying 500kg bombs or rockets, which is still fast.



The fast speed of the aircraft would compensate for the tiny squadrons

The CV only has a total of 9 torp bombers ready at a time. That's 3 strikes with 2 planes each and 3 planes in reserves

S.A.P. bombs would suit the characteristics of the italien navy, 16 planes total, 3 strikes with 4 bombs and 4 planes in reserves. 

Fighters are fast, and given she's an escort carrier, she got plenty of them. 


AA Guns

Although a much simpler project than her half sister, they use the same AA guns, though at a thinner volume of SR defence.

22x1          -20mm Breda M35          - SR  73  dps   @ 2.5km

12x1          -65mm L/54  M39           - MR 123dps   @ 3.7km

8x1           - 135mm L/45 OTO M37 - LR  43   dps   @ 5.2km w. 1 FlaK cloud.

A large array of defence worth a ratio of about 30-36 points

This is stacked with large squads of fast fighter planes at 290kn.

IF the ship should have a Hull B, it would be

11x2          -20mm Breda L/70          - SR  111 dps   @ 2.5km

12x1          -65mm L/64  M39           - MR 129dps   @ 4   km

8x1           - 135mm L/45 OTO M37 - LR  47   dps   @ 5.8km w. 1 FlaK cloud.

A more dense defence worth a ratio of about 35-43 points with M35 replaced by better models, later models of the 65mm M39 and better rangefinding equipment for the OTO 37.



Her powerplant is rated at 20khp, some sources stage it was 28khp, however 28khp could be the overall rating including Auxiliary engines and systems onboard (Generators, boilors, other)

The reported top speed is 20kn with some sources staging "less than 20kn" which leaves this CV as one of the slowest ones in the game, compensating for this would be the air group or the simple lack of need to move faster than from island to island... or straight into a capture point as people apprently do...



This CV the armour to be shell-proof from DDs but she's slow and may struggles to deal a blow on the offense or suffer from weak planes.

This could be a nice premium ship as Italy only has 2+1 "real" CV projects doing ww2. 

The combination of armour layout and overall characters of this ship is OP for Tier IV  but doesn't quiet fit in with Tier VI battles.

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