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Request: Organised Wiki

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Hello all, 


This post is mostly directed towards WG STAFF, since i don't quite know how to best address you through the wiki. 

I've been using the Wiki for WoWS, WoT and WoWP a lot ever since i started playing WoT. However, I can tell that lately WG has sort of abandoned the Wiki a bit, hoping that it'll keep itself up to date. 

I am an admin on the wiki, and i can tell it does not function as intended. I regularly release ships & aircraft pages to the wide public (once theyre fully released), even when these pages are for instance linked in premium shop pages. In addition, a lot of broken links occur, the entire tanks section is currently messed up, the Anti-Air data has never been updated after the CV rework in WoWS, and neither have the aircraft carrier pages themselves. 

These kinds of issues are far too complex for most people to deal with, and basically it would be good to have a technical support team that can resolve the really big problems, that can give some information about how to create wiki content etc. 
I am willing to help with all this, but i need to mention two things here: 

1. I really don't quite know everything, a lot of stuff goes way over my head

2. I'm not always sure whether or not i'm actually supposed to access stuff (i'll never disclose any information that i think may not be open to the public, but still). 

In particular, i think people like Haswell:na would make an amazing contribution, but from what i understand even combining the german. russian and english versions can greatly help- i regularly visit (especially) the russian wiki to find templates, data pages etc that don't even exist on the english page. 

I'm open to email contact, discord meetings etc, and you can also message me on forum or wiki

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