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[72] Renown are Recruiting

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Renown is a new clan, looking for members to join our ranks.


What we offer.

The Clan base is developing all the time, and we an offer discounts on all ships through to tier 10. We are active evenings and weekends, and someone is usually on hand to div up and help with that mission or directive you are grinding. For a small clan, we have plenty of expreince to draw on and assist you with. We have TS server for Clan wars coms, or general chat


What we are looking for:

We are looking for active players who can contribute any oil to the clan base, or players who want to join Clan Wars. Being able to speak english and being an active player are our only requirements.

If you are a new player looking for some assistance, or someone wanting to cement a regular spot in a clan wars team, we want to hear from you

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Hey @mikelight1805,


@RJP_invader and @Andy_the_Cupid_Stunthave recommended your clan to me, I'm a casual player, 1800+ matches, just come back after a few months killing Dino's, was wondering if you had any vacancies.


As I mentioned to RJ on Andy's stream today (I'm one of his Mods), my timetable is pretty erratic (i have a family), I'm usually on by 10pm and play at least 4-5 evenings a week, I'm new to clans and as per your note above, I'm happy to earn oil on the clans behalf, for clan battles, timetables will probably not align most of the time.


Please let me know your thoughts or any additional requirements.




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