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Shells Falling Short

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I know the shells falling short bug supposedly does not exist, however since 9.9 it's significantly more frequent.  Call it desync, horrible vertical dispersion RNG or whatever you want, but it happens and it's much worse now.  I had it in every battle and a clan mate noticed it's helpful to switch off your target lock and back on to minimize it happening again.  My two most obvious examples were Iowa stationary 7.5km away mostly broadside, I aimed at deck line to alleviate bug and my Alaska shells all fell 1km short.  Second instance I was in Smolensk firing at broadside Des Moines 12km away, aim at deck line,  shells fall 1km short, aim 1km higher shells fall 1km short.  Aimed 1km higher increments 3 consecutive times and shells still kept falling 1km short, I finally got them to instantly go from 1km short to jumping straight to on deck by aiming 5km over the DM.  With incremental changes, the shells fell in exactly the same location, then suddenly when I hit a magic spot 5km high they jumped to the correct spot.  

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