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Swedish clan Trolljägarna[TJAG] looking for members

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We are a group of around 70 World of Tanks players, some of which have ventured into playing World of Warships. Our goal is to be able to establish our clan in World of Warships as soon as possible. At the moment we are 9 members in said game.


Being a member of our clan will give you the opportunity to play division, there is almost always someone online on our Discord server to talk with. We have also started building our base to provide discounts on ships, more XP earned etc. Playing clan battles in the near future is something we are looking forward to.

Further it is an excellent opportunity if you are also a World of Tanks player or want to try it as we will be able to provide membership in our clan for that game also, once you have gained some experience in the game and gotten a few tanks of higher tier. You will have access to the same Discord as all other World of Tanks players, opening up the possibility for platooning and learning about the game right away.


If you would like to join or have any questions, please contact me in game or send a formal request to join


With regards,

UltraHyper, Trolljägarna

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