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For new and other struggling players

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Just thought I might recommend new and other struggling players to check out a video series that Flamu does where he do play by play analysis of follower/subscriber gameplays, point out good things and bad things and why they are bad in games with both destroyers, cruisers and battleships.


So if you are new to the game or maybe just new to a certain ship and struggling with it there is a possibility Flamu has covered this ship in his many "Mega replay analysis" (usually 3-4-5 different ships each video).


Now Flamu may not be you cup of tea, but I think no one can argue the point he is a good experienced superunicum player. im not a Flamu fanboy, I usually watch his videos on Youtube because he usually have very good points regarding ships, captainbuilds and more, but this video series is one of his best imho. 


He also does as I mentioned captainbuilds on most ships in the game for those who can't decide about that.


Many experienced players get frustrated by the skill/gameplay of many high tier players and I thought that this could probably help many to get better. I would consider myself a well experienced player that played from CBT but I can still pick up a thing or two from these videos.


Here is the latest video of the series.



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40 minutes ago, chazwozza said:



Well camping is the way to survive longer, and surviving longer is the key to more kills and higher damage. That is why it is easier to get above average damage scores in CV as well : they just survive longer as a rule.


That is who so many player in higher tiers attempt to camp.....and even get the tools with extremely long range guns and fire mechanics to do so.

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