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Randoms, Ranked Chill, Casual CV Rant and CBs every now and then.

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As stated in the Headline.


In all fairness, can't say I'm sure how it goes, but since controversy is a driving force behind advertisement, I've decided to post few telling pictures to generate some attention.





Oh, well...


So I guess will have to put down detail or two.


Clan with definitely decent players. More purple the better. My back hurts already, so I'd love to have help when emergency arises... :Smile_trollface:


With members that can legally get beer...

Level 30-40 players highly appreciated - with interests beyond glimmering screen...

...but heck no in animations imported from the Very Far East.

Unless it is so far east, that it ends up back in the West...


I must warn all parties interested... I do like to have an interesting conversation - you know, making friends above all else - so I can get chatty now and then.

While winning battles of course, so everyone could - hopefully - enjoy both at the same time.


Gamewise I tend to be focused on AXIS lines and get thrill from driving those tiny, pesky kayaks...

What can I say... I despise those buzzing flies and refuse to bend a knee...

For the unusually great Fly Jar Drivers on my team, I'm willing to make an exception. You know... My back...:Smile_teethhappy:


Cheers - and as long as WG is sponsoring - free premiums for everyone!

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