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Looking to join a clan (UK/English Based)

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Hi there,


Currently looking to join a clan in WoWs. A quarter of a century years old, I'm a seasoned player (Been playing since the game came out of Beta) and have played the game on and off for many years. Currently want to get back into the game fully like I use to be back in the first year of its release and I think joining a Clan would be a great way to go about it.


I'm UK based and English speaking, so would prefer to join a clan that is also UK based or English speaking. I'm also learning Swedish (I just felt like learning it), so if any members of your clan are from Sweden then maybe they can help me with my pronunciations!


Competitive or just for fun, I'm really looking for an active clan with people I can chat to and enjoy the game with.


Here is a screenshot of my profile in-game for those of you who want to know how average of a player I am.




Thanks for taking the time reading and considering me.



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Thinking about joining a Clan? -E_K- is Recruiting, do a clan search and submit a request to join. Ask yourself, do I want to be an active clan battle player, play clan divisions, and enter The King of the Sea, If so, check us out. We have relaxed but competitive players who are aiming to better ourselves and each other, requirements are as follows; you must join our discord channel, be 18+, be respectful, have a determination to win / succeed, and lastly be able to speak and understand English

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