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PT 0.9.9 - U.S. Battleships: Part 1

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Update 0.9.9 kicks off an event with the new U.S. battleships flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4VIII Kansas and flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4IX Minnesota right in spotlight! These ships will become available in Early Access on the Live Server only when the Update is released. Meanwhile, we invite you to take part in the testing of the event.


Please note: the rewards for activities on the Public Test server may differ from those on the live server. The new U.S. battleships will not be available on the Public Test server.


Features of the Ship Branch

  • Numerous main battery guns with a solid salvo weight and decent firing range, which comes at the expense of longer gun reload times.
  • The ships enjoy great maneuverability for their type, as well as good anti-torpedo protection, but are rather slow.
  • Their decent AA defenses are reinforced by the availability of the Defensive AA Fire consumable.

Early Access: flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4VIII Kansas can be obtained by completing Directives. flag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22standard_01624cacb82f39f77a4e677a7b9fdf4IX Minnesota can be obtained from random bundles that are available in the Armory in exchange for doubloons.

Rewards for completing Directives: a new temporary resource called American Tokens.

Rewards in exchange for American Tokens: sequentially available bundles with Gold Eagle permanent camouflage patterns for the new U.S. battleships, as well as other rewards.


The Naval Base Port has been updated.


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Just for clarification :


On the live server with 9.9 T8 Kansas will be most likely the reward for the final directive, while t9 Minnesota can be only bought for cash through premium loot boxes. Tokens will be used to buy stuff from the armory incl. the event related perma camouflages.


On PT there will be no access to the ships as usual, but we will get the tokens and can solve a quickened version of the directive? 


Sounds fine to me, not that happy about the loot boxes but Pandoras box has been opened long ago with t9 prems anyway and at least t8 is accessible and not bound to either sheer luck, spending money or both like it has been the case with the soviet cruiser split... 

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