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[T-C-B] The Casual Buccaneers - Bunk Spaces Available

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The Casual Buccaneers is as the name suggests a ‘Casual’ group of players who just want to log on play & have fun. We are not worried about win rate's, unicum status or taking over the world :D .... we just want to enjoy the game with people who want to have fun.

This is a new group which was founded on the 29th September 2020 which means the Buccaneers Naval base is in the beginning stages of being built. If you want to help build the Buccaneers then please apply.. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome here.

We have a discord channel but there is no rule for anyone to use this, it is there for those who would like to and everyone is welcome.

1. Have Fun (Main rule and MUST be followed)
2. No toxic, hostile or all round [edited]** behaviour allowed!
3. Follow rule 1 and avoid rule 2


Interested in becoming a Buccaneer? Just apply in game, and we will process the application.



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