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5th Anniversary Camo ornament size bug/oversight?

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Was checking out on which ships this camo would look best on (spoiler: I already decided on which ships they will go on), however once thing struck me while comparing:

On the Fletcher, the bow-, stern- and turret ornaments are a lot smaller than on other DDs with the same camo. The hanging banners on the bridge are the same size.

Especially the turret ornaments are usually protruding behind the back of the turret.


I don't have too many T9 DDs but I compared the following:

Fletcher - small ornaments (1st screenshot).

Benham - large (2nd screenshot).

Chung Mu (which should theoretically be the same as Fletcher as they are class-related) - large (3rd screenshot).

Tashkent, Udaloi, Jutland, Friesland - all of them large ornaments.

On the Friesland, the upper metal bar from the three that holds the ornament is even above the deck (see 4th screenshot).


Was this an oversight with the ship/camo settings or is the Fletcher just this humble? (^_^)

Addendum: as much as hate as WG gets from me usually, this camo is awesome'st've'd'll're'nt'ed. 5/5 from me for this one.





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