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Visual Improvements



The visual display of fog in the game has been enhanced by adopting an updated spacial distribution system and adding a scattered sunlight effect.

Apart from improving the visual component, this change will also provide a slight improvement in the game client's performance.



Changes and Improvements



To make the process of researching ships simpler, the following changes have been made to flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bVIII Admiral Hipper's modules:

  • Hull A has been removed from the game.
  • Hulls B and C have been renamed "A" and "B," respectively.
  • If you have already researched Hull B, you'll receive compensation in the amount of 22,000 ship XP.
  • If you have already researched Hull C, the new Hull B will be mounted on your ship instead. In other cases Hull A will be mounted on the ship.
  • If you've already purchased one of the replacement hulls, you'll receive compensation in the amount of credits you paid for it.

The stock hull of flag_Germany_18970d883c7758b53538983bd09standard_874a3bdc3134b8da4fd6f52186f1b2bV Königsberg has been replaced with a new one, created on the basis of the researchable hull with a changed composition for the AA and secondary guns.


English-language audio for Naval Legends has been added into the game client:

  • To listen to Naval Legends directly in battle, you need to enable the "Listen to your own music" option in the sound settings.
  • If you already use your own music as background sound, then Naval Legends will be added to your playlist.
  • In case you opt to remove Naval Legends from your playlist, you need to remove the respective audio files from the bin/<VERSION_ID>/res/userMusiс folder in the game client.


Occurrence of a synchronization error has been reduced. This bug caused the incorrect display of ships' positions in battle.

Thunderstorm Front and Snowstorm are available in the game again.


Full list of changes and fixes is available on Player Support Page.



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5 hours ago, Latouche_Treville said:

Still no control while watching replays.

Hi Captain,

Thank you for reporting, the issue again. As you know already, the bug is under investigation; we are planning to release a fix with the Update 0.9.9.  


There is also a workaround that you can use: try to disconnect from the WGC, then start the replay again, without logging in into WGC.

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Really don't like the fact that you have to go to Armory for daily rewards. Can't you leave them as they were - reminder at the first login?

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