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Looking for a competetive clan for CBS

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hi everyone. 

iam still searching for the right clan for myself. 

Since I play this game end Dec 2019 I tried out 10 clans. 

Most of them had dead discords. 

Some others doesn't wanted to be competetive. 

And in some the personal love didn't jumped over. 

Is not ez to find the right community for ur self, right? 


I play wows daily. 

I played so far cbs from squal to typhoon leagues. 

No hurricane 🌀 so far. 

But hurricane is my goal. 

will take a year, but it will be happen. 


if ur clan fits in this criterias, msg me pls :


1. Active discords with the players, which are playing cbs together and willing to div up to learn each other. 

2. stable cb teams without too much rotatings. 


5.Skill lvl of the team mates should be at least typhoon lvl. 

6. The will to try to get to hurricane league.


Iam not looking for clan bonuses etc. 


All iam looking for is the right group of people who share the same goal. 






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Hi, our BBMM clan is always on the lookout for new active CB players & people who just wanna div up a bit. You can join our discord for more info: 

We have a pretty steady group of CB players, varies a bit but in general its a base group that forms the core. 
We don't necessarily have typhoon level, not all at least, but then again: do you really? 
We will of course try to get as high as possible & can guarantee storm with a clear goal towards typhoon/ hurricane, just need a bunch more reliable players. 

We do have pretty much all clan bonusses, even if youre not interested. 

Just hop by our discord, come say hello and we'll see if you fit in :)


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