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A port screen with economic buildings providing you with economic bonusses in guise of a "clan"  that is completely passive* so you can remain immersed in the game. While the "clan" is completely passive it does pump a lot of oil by members just playing as they always did, and this builds up to more economic bonusses benefitting all that joined.


* No clan wars or other clan activities, it is meant for you just playing as you always did but now with bonusses after each match.


What it provides for you by joining ( by the time of writing )  :


*    -10 % to service cost after each battle for all tiers

*   -14 % to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers

*   +3 % XP per battle for all tier ships

*   + 20 % FreeXP per battle for all tier ships

*   + 8 % Commander XP per battle

*    +7 % coal


What the "clan" or rather your new port gets out of you being a member :


Every time you receive any chest 10 oil is also produced. When ramping up to a "naval battle " oil is also produced by you just playing your matches as always. This does not cost you anything nor does it disadvantage you as you cannot get, keep or use oil outside a clan port. This oil adds up in port untill another (stage) building can be purchased for even more bonusses. So this too is beneficial only, although the clan leader gets to select what (stage) building it will be used on. Next up will be more FreeXP.


There are no requirements to join, no WR demands and no tier of ships demands. It is just about sharing the benefits of port buildings and building up the oil to get more out of that.


If all that sounds good, welcome. You can stay as long or short as you like ( obvioulsy ) but do mind there seems to be 4 days of cooldown switching clans. Everyone is "promoted" to recruiter status so you can invite your friends yourself too if you want to. It is quite simple : the more members, the more oil is produced, the more bonusses there can be. At this time of writing we are 12 members so oil gathering is speeding up quite nicely.


Just look for BHSFL or my name Beastofwar in the game's looking for a clan section or open a channel for an invite. Do not be offended if your admission is silent without welcoming talks. That is what this setup is all about : no fuss, just the benefits of a port bonusses as long as you wish to remain with it.





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