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Attack aircraft changes in 0.9.7

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As you can guess i will talk a bit about this change but mostly people will ignore it because it's CVs related. I will not cover all ships with that because for most of them this change was okay or buff and i want to talk about specific ship that lost nearly 33% firepower because of that change.
I am talking about Saipan. The most complicated CV on that tier which lost nearly all of that effectivity with this change.
This is most unique carrier which offered unique gameplay which was rewarding for players that could deal with insane long restoration time and low plane numbers.shot-20_08.22_11_30.33-0951.thumb.jpg.14320534d918906eab8fa3e0abc20236.jpg
As you can see aiming circle is pretty small and the main problem was turning it by 90°. As i said nearly 33% firepower that was for other ships than battleships and you lost any capability to fight cruisers or destroyers with them. You have to ask how i mean this and just let me explain it a bit.

Lets take Minotaur as an example. That ship is floating citadel to nearly anything.

Here is the problem -  you can attack only broadside ships but as you can see on picture aiming circle is really small which is good for this low number of rockets but brings you few main problems.
Tiny Tims has high penetration but there is no way to deal with cruisers with them wtih high effectivity. If you get broadside sitting cruiser you get probably good hit but thats only example how to deal damage to them. Also it can end like that if you shoot 0,2s sooner than needed:
Or like that when you attack angled cruiser:


And i don't think that talking about hitting destroyers is really necessary after showing how "effective" they are at hitting cruisers.

If i have to talk about their overall performance and how to use them thats easy.
- If you attack any ship from front you won't get more than 3 hits on battleships most of time and you completely miss cruisers and destroyers in 90% of attacks (and heavy cruisers you can get 1-2 hits more often)
- If you attack angled ship i can wish you only good luck at hitting anything that is not battleship but you get a bit more hits than attacking from front. For hitting destroyers you have only hope and RNG.
- If you attack broadside ship (so only battleships because anything else will angle if you are attacking moving target) you can get average to high dmg depend where you hit him.
1. You can aim at deck and get all hits but you risk hitting armored belt and doing low dmg.
2. You can aim at superstructure and risk missing half of your payload.


Battleships - Doesn't matter if you hit them while angled or broadside just please don't go from front or you will do no damage.
Cruisers - You can just hope that he don't know about you and strike his broadside but hitting belt is more often that on battleships and can result in a lot of non penetrating hits and frustration. Your only weapon against them are dive bombers now.
Destroyers - Just hope that players in your team can aim.
Now how to use them. You have to go really (and i mean really really) wide from the start and leaving you to attack only 2 ships each side (you lost ability to pick targets with them) if you don't want to lose them. How to use them most effectively? Don't use them or use them only for spotting.

Pre 0.9.7 Saipan attack aircraft.

Battleships - You can attack them while angled or from front same way as you can now attack them angled or from side - nothing really happened here.

Cruisers - Most effective way to attack was while they are angled because it was easy to avoid while attacking from front and broadside hit resulted with low dmg.

Destroyers - Same way as attacking cruisers which could result with high dmg or no hit at all.
In fact before update you could pick nearly any ship to attack and strike any ship type you wanted which was in the american way:
But you did only average damage most of time. Also you had ability to ability to strike ships from front.

Thank you for reading it.

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25 posts
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33 minutes ago, Winged_Cat_Dormant said:

Some respite for the destroyers, finally.


Not really. This change buffed IJN CVs to attack them.


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1 minute ago, ShepherdOfMemories said:

I mean... Sure if you consider radar ships living longer to be respite...

There is no escape! 

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