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Anyone interested in a clan merge?

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I am starting this topic as i am sure there many existing clans that have a good few members interested in playing clan battles, and to start to build create a competitive clan. Our clan Pheonix Rising is one of these in where we have a decently developed naval base, have members who have been playing since beta test launching of the game itself.  And yet we just fall short of the required number of people to play clan battles. We like to make decisions on what to do next as a democracy type system where everyone has their say on their views etc. We use discord to communicate and are English speaking. We have members from all over Europe. Some members have not long joined us are new to the game but are willing to learn, and have shown some ability above the average player. 

Obviously we are folks that sometimes will struggle to play everyday for more than a few hours each. And we are held back other commitments in life such as work, family, friends, etc.

To be clear i am only looking for a clan or people who are in similar situation to us, who are willing to come to our clan so that we both may benefit and help eachother out. (So not clans that already have more developed naval bases, or suitable number of players to play clan battles, etc.) We are only interested in clans that want to play clan battles, competitive, that don't quite have a naval base as upgraded as ours or the numbers to make a full team. We would also be open to renaming to the clan to something more widely agreed upon, (subject to a poll vote if need be) and give clan and discord rights to the leaders of the interested party. And are open to discuss any other type of ideas you may have about improving the clan in any way.

Any group of people or clan wishing to take us up on this offer, please contact by replying here or use any of the following methods: 

Game alias: ScottishSphinx

Discord: _PR_ScottishSphinx (Ali)#2338

Thankyou for taking the time to read this,  wish you the best of luck in your battles, and might even meet on opposing teams :-)

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