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for one more time laggggggggg

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before 1 week i was having the issue only to the first game i played

now it's in every game

speak with the company the last 3 months no solution

having everything updated, the game in exceptions, the tcp,udp in exceptions

no lack

my pc

windows 10 63 bit

ram 4gb

nvidia mx110


when i start from 20/1/20 until march have no problem at all. after the big update on march (or april) start having this issue


thk you


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Yes I have massive stutters also, before I had constant 60 FPS, now I have drops to 25 FPS which last for 1-2 seconds but I have about 20-30 of them per battle!


Since I mostly play DD's this issue is very seriously impairing my ability to play.

Now my premium days that I paid with REAL money are going to waste bcs. I simply cannot play effectively bcs. of WG's mistake-will I get reimbursed? Of course not bcs. the don't give a crap about their paying customers.


WG screwed up big time(again).

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I'd been away on holiday for a week. Before I left I was playing the game fine, now I get graphical stuttering. Basically every 5 seconds or so I lose aprox. 30 FPS for a second and then it returns to normal this is causing the game to "lurch" which (while it is still just about playable) is both annoying and disorientating. 

I have no problems with any other games I play (including World of Tanks).

In order to try and fix this issue I have tried the following:

Completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

Dropped the graphics settings to Lowest.

Dropped the resolution down (I usually run at 1440p, so I tried going back to 1080)

Tried running in Windowed mode.

Minimised the Mods I use (got it down to just the cross hair).

Tried running in Safe Mode.

Tried launching the game as 32bit instead of 64bit

None of this helped.

As far as I can see the only change since I last played the game was the pre-loading of 0.9.8, perhaps there has been another micro-patch I am unaware of in the last 7 days that has broken something for me.


For the record the game is running on a Ryzen 7 2700X, with an RTX 2060 (latest drivers), 32Gb RAM and is installed on a M.2 SSD


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I also started to notice stuttering of late.  It seems to intermittent and recurring.  Everything freeze very briefly, then starts moving again, then freezes, and so on.  This happens even when I’m not downloading or doing anything else that eats my bandwidth (and my ISP is fiber optics) or my processor usage.  

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Three clan mates have described the same thing. I'm lucky in that I haven't suffered from it (yet).


Based on past form, WG will:


  1. Deny it.
  2. Ask the user to produce massive error reports which takes time yet offers no immediate solution.
  3. Blame the ISP service provider.
  4. Quietly fix the problem after several months.


Just try to get as many as friends/clan mates to post in the thread as possible and to raise the issue on the Twitch streams. That's really all you can do.


Edit: I should have kept my fat mouth shut. Now I'm getting hammered by lag and I do have to recognise that I very rarely have this problem with WoWs. It's one problem out of many that this game has which I have never suffered. Until now. Ping Plotter says it's at the WG end of the equation ... ho hum! Hope they sort it out soon!

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